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McDonnell only candidate w/proven state-level track record.


Comment by Paul Kugelman
Glen Allen, VA


One thing we should keep in mind is that Bob McDonnell is the only candidate for Governor that has a proven state-level track record. He kept every campaign promise that he made running to be Virginia's Attorney General. He understands the times. Through the settlement with Countrywide Financial, he brought mortgage relief to nearly 8,900 Virginians totaling, if memory serves, over $200 million. He has made our streets safer with his gang intervention intiatives. He has stepped to the fore with Internet safety for children and with tough laws for sexually violent predators.

He knows how to run government efficiently and effectively. Through his leadership, his Office voluntarily cut its budget nearly 15%. His Medicaid Fraud Unit was rated best in the nation as was, again if memory serves, his Child Support Enforcement Unit.

Despite McDonnell taking the lead in the polls, we are too far out to let that news do anything but motivate us to continue building momentum and increasing the distance between Bob and the rest, while they wrestle one another for their party's nomination.

Finally, I will encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in attending the convention to petition to become a delegate now, before time runs out. Obama's election was historic. Even so, one event in history sets the stage for the next - and the one before us is to have Virginia let the nation know that the Republican party has the leadership to take us through what lies ahead. Bob McDonnell is that leader who as the vision to see us through. Let's work to put him in the Governor's mansion because he has the ability, the vision, and the courage not only to see Virginia through, but to make her an example for the rest of the nation to follow. "

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A message well said.

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