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In addition to our Virginia Members that need to get the message about our opposition to health care, we also need to start calling a few members who are in conservative districts, might be running for higher office in conservative states, and are retiring.  At this time, the definitive vote seems to be 205 opposed-149 support with 77 undecided.  If we can get 216 no's, the bill is dead.  That said, here are a few members who are on the fence that should not be:

1) Brad Ellsworth-202-225-4636 (running for Senate in Indiana, voted yes the first time around on health care)

2) Baron Hill-202-225-5315 (possibly running for Governor of Indiana in 2012, extremely moderate district, voted yes the first around on health care)

3) Scott Murphy-202-225-5614 (won a special election in a district GOP has held since the Civil War, has indicated he is open to supporting it, voted no on health care the first time around)

4) Earl Pomeroy-202-225-2611 (in a tight race in North Dakota, supported health care the first time around)

5) Michael Arcuri-202-225-3665 (won a seat in the House from a retiring GOP Member, supported health care the first time around)

Thanks everyone for all you are doing!

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