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I just got back from going door-to-door for McDonnell and our local candidate for the legislature Rich Anderson. Except it wasn't really door-to-door. It was knock on one door, walk past 6 or 8 houses, knock on another door, totally ignore most of the residents in the neighborhood and only try to reach a very few. Excuse me, did I miss the Sping and Summer? Is it October already? Are we four weeks out from the general and trying to focus our resources on GOTV?

Then why are we micro-targeting already? Think of the message we are sending to the families we skip. We are telling them they aren't important to us. They won't listen to our message so we won't even try. We've already identified the chosen few we are willing to talk with so lets just move on past them.

I've been involved in too many campaigns not to appreciate the need to concentrate scarce resources where they will be most effective and fully recognize the value of micro targeting in October. But in April? If this is the level of campaign managment we are going to see between now and November, the Democrats are going to be celebrating when it is over.

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Mr. Sperry- Why did you yourself personally walk past 6-8 houses, and, only knock on certain doors?
I'm pretty sure that the people's who's houses you walked by didn't know you were there. I'm sure you didn't send them any message.

Is there a reason you couldn't have stopped at the other houses. Either way there are a finite number of houses you could get to so whether you do ever house or every fifth house, in the end you'd get to the same number of houses.

I think your question goes toward campaign stategy, which can either come from from the ground up, from the volunteers, or from the camapigns or political committees that sponsor the activities. In this case, it sounds like you were working from lists provided by either the McDonnell or the Anderson campaign. It would be interesting to know which. It has been my experience over the past 20 years that campaigns focus way, way too much on those voters who have voted Republican in the past, and much too little in trying to reach people who rarely if ever vote. We should at this point in the electoral calendar be focussing on UNREGISTERED voters. For people worried about inadvertantly registering someone who might vote Democrat or independent, then at least we should be doing surveys to determine what issues are really important to these citizens and also find out what is keeping them from voting. I sincerely believe that the majority of citizens agree with the principles of our Party, and we will always do better with more and better informed voters than with fewer.

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