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Mr. Willie Deutsch- You have started a group discussion on RPV called "We support Jeff Frederick. You claim 127 members, yet there is no info as to who belongs to your group

I tried to read something more than you support Jeff Frederick. You have started a group that is in support of Jeff Frederick. You claim to have 127 members. When one goes into the group site, there is nothing there. No member names who joined, not the first comment in support of Frederick, not the first thing in your group beyond your statement in support of Frederick. How do you get off with a GROUP supporting Fredrick, with no access other than those you approve. From my experience on this site, if there is a GROUP started, the members are shown, the comments are public and, no one is allowed to hide behind secrecy, at least that is what I thought. What gives here with your group, and the 127 secret members? Who are you hiding, if anyone?

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Especially since the group of support the removal was banned because of administrator bias. All these great constitutional thinkers and yet they subscribe to censorship.
Sandy, I can't speak for the mechanics of the website or the policies of forums and groups. I declare that I am a member and I support Chairman Frederick. Further, I sent the following message to all the members of the State Central Committee yesterday:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the State Central Committee,

Just three hours ago, I was in the Prince William County Republican Committee Convention. At that time there was a resolution put to the floor in support of our (yours and my) Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. That resolution fully and unambiguously endorses Chairman Frederick; it calls on all of you to focus on winning the next elections; and to unconditionally assist Chairman Frederick in the performance of his duties.

The measure was read in its entirety and discussion was requested – there was none. A vote was taken. Those in favor were asked to raise their hands and a forest of arms appeared. Those against were asked to vote and I saw no hands. Even accounting for a home town crowd, I say so much for the fantasy that there is a “grassroots” effort to unseat Chairman Frederick. This would be a really good time to get down to the business at hand and forget the coup.

Best Regards,
Bill Card
Dumfries, VA

I don’t know what happened though I will ask O.P. Ditch the next time that I run across him – even though it isn’t any of my business. You are commenting on the Republican Party of Virginia Network and the leader of the Republican Party in Virginia is Chairman Jeff Frederick whether you like it or not. The Constitution prohibits the government from restricting free speech and doesn’t specifically apply to web forums. Whether O.P. Ditch or any other person associated with this Social Networking site removed your thoughts – let me assure you that it doesn’t rise to the level of “Censorship” nor having your Constitutional Rights been abridged. You don’t have the inherent right to attack Chairman Frederick, O.P. Ditch, or anyone else on this Social Networking site – rather I would implore you to be social.

If this isn’t clear to you, please try a little experiment. Jump on this website and join. http://www.vademocrats.org/ After that, fire up a forum called “Tim Kaine is a Socialist Scumbag.” See how long that site stays up. Note that you haven’t said anything that was untruthful, but you will not be given the opportunity to continue to express that opinion on the Democrat Party of Virginia Social Network.

You and I should be able to disagree without being so disagreeable. If I have offended you, it wasn’t intentional. If you don’t understand this – I would be happy to work harder at an explanation.

I'm sorry it is all hidden. I didn't intend to do it. When I created the group, it had an option that said approve members. For various reasons I selected that option. I didn't realize that that option hid everything in the group as well. I have tried to make the group public, but there is no way to change that. Ning does not allow that. I really wish everything said in the group so people could see what people are saying and thinking.

If you doubt that the people are real, or that there really are that many members, feel free to join check it out, and then withdraw if you would like.

If you do join I do not necessarily support or endorse everything being said on the group, but I do stand by their right to say it. As far as the deletion of the other group, I have been attacked on various groups for that, I had nothing to do with it.
Hello everyone.
I'd just like to say, that I was a delegate to the state convention last May and will be a delegate this year too. I voted for Jeff and if I had the vote again today I would still vote for Jeff and encourage others to do so.

That so many State Central Committee members would participate in a move against their duly chairman, without so much as explaining to the very delegates that so overwhelmingly voted Jeff into office is a bitter insult, both to the long-standing American instution of voting for our leaders, and to delegates personally who have a right to know and be consulted before the dismissal of their popularly chosen leader.

I also take issue with the idea that is somehow a "grassroots" movement to oust Jeff. Did someone call the thousands of delegates who voted last May? We are the grassroots. Shame on you for trying to deny the will of the people!
In order to accomodate those that are not on RPV Network, I started a fb group. Within 4 hours we had over 65% of what the anti-Jeff fb group had. And don't worry this group is public, so you can't argue I am creating users just to bloat numbers, and you can see what people reall think of this mess.

I hope this makes y'all happy.
You are a Prince Willie.

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