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For those of you who don't know Operation Chaos was a strategy used by Rush Limbaugh and his listeners to vote for the weakest Democratic candidate, so as to create tension in the Democratic Party. Rush advocated for votes for Hillary Clinton during the primary season so the ongoing primary between her and NObama would last longer.

Let me introduce you to my Operation Chaos. On June 9th. The Democrats will choose there nomination for Governor. Either Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, or Creigh Deeds will get the nomination. With that said, I propose a Republican Strategic Voting Guide for the election.

The Guide will include three guidelines: (in order of importance)

1. Who of the three has the worst chance of winning in the General Election against Bob?
2. Who is the most Conservative of the Three?
3. Who is the lowest in the polls of the three Dems?

With this,

Guideline One, which is the most important, would give us a good stronghold for the general election.
Guideline Two, which is a worst-case strategy, if Bob should lose, we should have the most conservative leaning Dem in the Governors Mansion.
Guideline Three, is of little importance but it is a small plus if the candidate who meets the first two guidelines, is also the lowest in the Primary Polls. So if the weakest candidate wins the primary, it will cause tension in the Democratic Party.

So you're probably saying, "well Travis, just who is the Democratic Candidate that fits those Criteria?"

The answer is State Senator Creigh Deeds. I believe Deeds meets all of the guidelines. He has lost to Bob before, Bob has a +9% gap over Deeds (as opposed to a +3% gap over Moran and a +7% over McAuliffe.) ((Source: Rasmussen Reports))

Deeds is also the most conservative Dem running.

And, You guessed it, he is the lowest Dem as far as the Primary Polls, (McAuliffe 18%, Moran 18%, and Deeds 11%.) ((Source Public Policy Polling))

For those of you, who may be questioning the morals of this plan, let me say this, John McCain won the primary due to Dems crossing over. They thought he was the most liberal and the easiest to beat. I personally supported McCain from Day One, but that's in the past. My point here is, the Dems do it, why not us??

In conclusion, this is my plan, I hope you like it, I hope it works, and it is subject to change with more up-to-date polling results. I am happy to throw my support to Deeds in the Democratic Primary for Governor. I am even more happy to support McDonnell for the General Election for Governor.

~Travis Strickland

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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Well, I've finally decided who I would (if I was old enough,) and who I think you should vote for in the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor. Jody Wagner. I watched a debate between her and Mike Signer, and I can honestly say it was like watching the last debate with Obama and Hillary. Siger is a very good talker, inexperienced, and radical. Sound familiar?

Wagner, at least seams like the less radical and isn't that good of a talker in my opinion. She seams like an easy to defeat candidate for Bolling.

PHASE THREE: Now if you never got the chance to write-in vote, here is a golden opportunity. Steve Shannon is the only Dem running for Attorney General. My suggestion, if your AG candidate (Foster, Cuccinelli, or Brownlee) loses at our convention, write him in! At least you got to chance to vote for him in a state-ran election. Now, if your candidate did win at our convention, write whoever in. Ever wanted to vote for Homer Simpson? Here is your chance.

PHASE FOUR: There are nine democrat nominations for delegate in Regions: 11, 25, 35, 38, 47, 52, 69, 80, and 90. I suggest you check out the candidates yourself at:


(if the link doesn't work the last letter in that website are: l&competition=all )

and make your best judgement.

NOW IF YOU LIVE IN DISTRICTS, 17, 23, or 55 you can but I hope you don't participate in this Operation Chaos, due to the fact that you have a Republican nomination for your delegate. Click or Copy and Paste the above link to see your candidates. If you cant decide, go ahead and participate in the operation.

Now if your like me who live is a district that is not mentioned on that link above, write-in whomever you like.
Very good point about the LG spot. Plus, thanks for the heads up on the 35th district.

Brian W. Schoeneman said:
In terms of the Democratic LG slot, it really doesn't matter which one you vote for. Both of them are equally awful, and Bolling will walk through them like a tank through TP.

I'm in the 35th district, and the Dem you want to vote for there is Esam Omeish. This guy is on tape praising Palestinian suicide bombers for killing Israelis and advocating that muslims in Lebanon follow the "jihad way." He's a disaster of a candidate and Jim Hyland should be able to trounce him easily.
I totally agree. I personally believe in mandatory party registration, closed primaries and conventions and unfortunately I believe we have to maximize our voice in any primary election. To turn back time would be nice and if given the chance to vote in a democratic primary for the 08 election when it came down to Hilary or Barac I would have voted for Hilary because although I disagreee with her drastically on just about all issues I don't believe she has a hatred for this country and I believe Obama has such anger and resentment for America that he is not truly Pro America. I think he wants revenge on our country in so many ways! I feel I need to have as much influence as possible and I will be voting in the primary for either Moran or Deeds.....I know I don't want McAuliffe....I don't want any democrat in office so I encourage others to vote in the dem. primary and then go out and work like crazy for McDonnell.

Brian W. Schoeneman said:
There's nothing wrong with an Operation Chaos type grassroots effort by Republicans to get out and support the weakest Democratic candidate in their primary. Until Virginia wakes up and recognizes that open primaries and conventions are a bad way of choosing candidates and we get voter party registration and closed primary elections, this is a viable tactic and one we shouldn't eschew out of some misguided notion that there is something unseemly about it.

I would suggest that those who want to do this vote for Moran. At this point, he's the weakest of the three Democrats and he is doing significant damage to himself with the Democratic base by launching a variety of poorly thought out attacks against McAuliffe. Generally, I think both Moran and McAuliffe are weak candidates, but McAuliffe is a better fundraiser, which makes him a greater threat.

The whole idea that we should choose the most conservative of the Democrats in case we lose doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Both Mark Warner and Tim Kaine were both considered to be fairly moderate for a variety of reasons, but we all know full well that neither of them were conservative on the issues that mattered. In the end, the only way we can be sure that we will have someone in office who represents our Republican principles is by electing a Republican.

You also need to remember that there is far more to being Governor than just the individual in the job. All of the various appointments made by the Governor matter too, and if Deeds wins, those will all go to Democrats, regardless of whether they are as conservative as Deeds or not. Those people will all have influence and they are likely not going to be conservatives like Deeds is.

Whatever we do, we should be focused on ensuring that McDonnell gets elected. The best way to do that is to put the weakest Dem up against him, and right now that is Moran.

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