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Problem: The Grassroots Ignored Again. What To Do About It.

These problems do not go away until all concerned understand the importance of maintaining the party's autonomous structure apart from the candidates. One of the primary duties of the party is to be a watchdog to ensure that the candidates stick to our conservative principles.

The candidates and elected officials serve us, the grassroots, the people. We, in the balance, select the party leaders who keep things in check and run the day to day for us from the local committee, to the Congressional districts to the SCC.

If the party officials and representatives are not doing your bidding, then the grassroots have been derelict. There is more to it than just knocking doors, making calls and doing events or blogging. There are accountability standards that must be enforced.

The power flows from the grassroots upward, if you feel you are being ignored, then do something about it, shed the shackles, the grassroots have bound themselves with, through complacency. Tell your representatives at the Congressional District and SCC level to change or be changed.

There are two parts to the equation. Principled candidates alone are not enough. You need the principled party organization to be an effective go between for grassroots and the candidates. If you let the quality of the party organization slide or you fail to hold it accountable at all levels, then it won't be long before the quality of the candidates or the job they do deteriorates.

The good news is that, it can be fixed. Let the candidates know what you expect from them in return for your efforts and start paying attention to your party organization and holding the players accountable. If they won't cooperate, replace them.

The party and the body of elected officials are no different than having two houses in the Congress or General Assembly or the checks and balances built into the Republic. The idea is a fair and balanced representation of the people, the grassroots.

The party being the representative of the grassroots, enforces with the candidates and elected officials that the will of the grassroots is done. Don't forget that the elected official has his own survival at stake and represents all of the voters from his jurisdiction so at times your best interests can be at odds. with his. That is why you need a strong party to protect your interests.

The party(RPV) has forsaken its autonomy and lost its ability to maintain the checks and balances we so dearly need. The result is an ethic where the politicians control the party and feel that we work for them instead of vice versa.

Yesterday the politicians and their supporters won, the grass roots and the party lost!

It is time to throw off the shackles and do something about it. Take party building, as seriously as campaigning for candidates and it won't be long before our house is set right again.

The question of the day is "Who's in charge?". You all know the answer, of course, it is the grassroots! Well, what are you waiting for? Start acting like it.

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You actually just made the argument against grey areas Tom. You know that there is a right time and a wrong time to burn the American flag. There is the dutiful way to do it and the "I'm utilizing my freedom to spit on the country that invented freedom" way to do it. There really isn't a grey area here. Right is always right and wrong is always wrong. Anything else is Moral Relativity.

The only grey area comes in arguing whether something that's morally wrong is dangerous enough to be made legally wrong. Obviously if an action steps over the rights of other it must be illegal. I don't believe there is a grey area on abortion because of that fact. You can argue for or against the death penalty all day just don't tell me that it's unconstitutional. Anything that the founding fathers found agreed with the constitution should never be deemed unconstitutiona without an ammendment. (see slavery) And yes we do occassional become enlightened to the fact that former precepts were based on innacurate depictions of natural law. Interacial marriage and the like. That doesn't mean that you allow the left to constantly use that as an excuse to push us towards moral depravity.

Tom Andrews said:
When I speak of grey areas I merely intend to point out that there are situations in which right and wrong are not clearly, unequivocally defined. I'll give an example. As a veteran and an American, I believe it is wrong to burn the American flag. No excuses, no explanations, it's wrong. I think we all would agree. Unless, and here comes the rub, I follow the US Flag manual for the proper disposition of a flag in which it stipulates burning as the proper method. In essence, it is sometimes the circumstances surrounding an activity which can determine it's relative "rightness or wrongness". Hence, the dreaded grey area.

I dont think you and I have any fundamental disagreements in this area. The only reason I injected myself into the conversation yesterday was because it has become apparent to me that over the past five years or so, I as someone who cast his first vote by absentee ballot sent out in the mailbag of the USS Yellowstone from the North Atlantic for Ronald Reagan, have been married to the same girl for 26 years (since the age of 19), raised my children, paid my taxes and have served this country now for 28 years, never cast a vote for a Democrat at any level (not based on blind ideology but the fact that I never agreed with any of them) find myself feeling an outcast in my own party in many instances. I am a flag flying, Ford driving American Legion member who isnt going to sit idly by and be called everything from a communist to a Democrat lite with no convictions and no moral standards especially by fellow Republicans. Many have their issues which fire up their soul and I understand and appreciate that and encourage them to fight for their beliefs, but my contention is that as far as I know nobody has been appointed as the official that determines who is a "real and true Republican" and who is not. I know many people who have also gone to county and state political functions and came away with the disheartened notion that they could never agree with any Democrat but suddenly their own party doesnt welcome them either. Those are the people who decide that its not worth it to sit outside a school on a cold rainy Tuesday night and hand out literature anymore. Just my two cents but I believe that is why we have begun to lose elections and will continue to do so unless people like myself begin to stand up and say " I am as strong and dedicated Republican as anyone in this room and I will put my service to this party and this nation up against anyone in this building"
Brian- If you have been reading my posts, you would have seen that I said the Liberals have been in charge of our educational system. It started with Colleges/Universities, with the likes of the Ward Churchill's and Bill Ayres, and has now filtered down to pre-school. Bush, with his Compassionate Conservatism, jumped right on the Federal bandwagon to push for No Child Left Behind, which was nothing more than the creation of Federally Funded Dummies and Idiots. Bush knew that the Federal Government had no place in Education, he knew that the Constitution left education up to the states. Isn't that what the School Tax portion of Property Taxes are for? I saw No Child Left Behind as a way of improving inner city schools, which had a graduation rate in the ditches, and penalizing the schools that were successful. Kinda like redistribution of Education where everyone loses. Speaking of racial quotas, why ever would anyone agree that it is OK to bus a white student clear across town (even when they had a school down the block) just so that there was a diverse student count in each school? Also, how many schools have seen their budgets go through the roof because we must educate those that are illegal? Is that another one of your compassionate attitudes Brian, that the children of illegals must be protected from the sins of their parents?

Brian W. Schoeneman said:
Sandy, so...who handled education before no child left behind?
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Is it important to you that we prevail in Election 2010?
If it is possible, and takes relatively little effort, are you interested in making it happen?

That is a serious question.
The evidence that there is so little activity on this web site makes me wonder at what your default answer.
Please prove my initial evaluation wrong by NOT DEFAULTING on your duty and opportunity.

The political, identity and character weaknesses of the Republicans and their natural allies may be EASILY fixed in time for the 2010 election.

Are you interested?

Meeting election 2010 with that easy work undone would be a great flaw.

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