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It's great to see this great group of Republicans come together in just a few days. Scrolling through the members list, I see dozens of people I have worked with over the past couple of decades. Those of you who know me, know that my major focusses are honesty and integrity and the proposition that our Founding Fathers meant what they said in inventing a system of government where real power and legitimacy derive from the people. That means that elected officials and party leaders cannot make laws, rules, or regulations that have the effect of making it more difficult for the people to freely and openly make their choices of their representatives. Gerrymandered districts are a primary, but not the only, illigitimate way that elected officials try to pick their voters rather than the other way around. I am developing a Citizenship Course that some of you have already seen and commented on. What I have in writing is about 4 pages long. I would be happy to E-mail to anyone who is interested, and would welcome your comments. I would be interested in hearing about any good ideas about how to reach out to those friends and neighbors who do either do not register, do not vote, or who vote on the flimsiest of reasons. Thanks, Les Gabriel 703-919-4725. lestergabriel@hotmail.com

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Lester is from my neck of the woods and is a good egg! I haven't seen the course, but if he developed it, it must be the right stuff. I wish you all the best success Lester!
It is really great to see a site devoted to the Virginia Republicans who want our state back in the Red column, and sooner rather than later. From what I understand, it will be critical to have a Republican in the Governors position as well as Republicans in the majority in all elected positions, so that when the 2010 redistricting happens we can gain more voices.

Nationally, I see a great need to change the primary schedules. This has been talked about in so many election cycles, but we are still living with the old rules. IMHO that is why we wound up with such an unelectable presidential candidate this year. The Republican primaries should start in reliably Red states. It would also be great to not allow cross-over voting in the primaries. It would be even more terrific to not allow early voting anywhere in the primaries or national elections, as that is a part of why we now have a president Obama. Is anyone else concerned about this issue enough to take the matter seriously to the RNC?

I agree that there are serious problems with the primary schedule and with cross-over voting. At least Virginia Republicans have given us some tools to fight cross-over voting. There is also a problem with winner-take-all primaries, which make no sense to me and subvert the will of the people. It will be a hard fight to make changes, because there are people who want to manipulate the schedule in order to give an advantage to certain candidates, and there are others who want to use the primary schedules for economic advantage to particular states. I would caution against trying top use the redistricting process for partisan gain. This kind of manipulation is what turns so many Americans away from political involvement, and that hurts Republicans a lot more than it does Democrats.

Les G.
Thank you for your reply Les, I know Iowa and NH have traditionally been first. Other states would like that economic advantage as well, and I know it would be hard fought to take their position of choosing who our front runners will be. The whole momentum thing drives me crazy. And, with the complicit media and distorted polls, they have had the advantage over us. I wish that we could educate the voters on doing their own research rather than relying on useless polls who are mostly wrong. I guess that is what this whole conservative movement is all about, and I am proud to be a part of it. I admittedly do not know alot about redistricting, but I had heard that it depends on what party is sitting in what seats. Sice you are politically alot more savvy and knowledgable than me, I will take your good advice and not get involved in those discussions. Have a great day. Sandy

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