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It has been eerily quiet here on the resignation of Sarah Palin from the Governors role in Alaska. Why?

The chatter on the blogsphere, as well as the so-called News channels (and I include Fox News) has been deafening, concerning Sarah Palin's announcement that she will not only not seek re-election as Governor of Alaska, but she will not sit as a "Lame duck" to just collect a paycheck, and continue to be the target of frivilous etchics complaints. According to Palin, she and her staff have been spending something like 80% of the time just defending her, fighting off attackers, and fighting off an increasingly hostile media. It has cost the state somewhere around $2 million dollars in money that could be much better spent in serving the needs of Alaskans. It also gives the Lt. Governor, Sean Parnell, the opportunity to serve out the balance of Palin's term, and he will be much better positioned to run for Governor in 2010. I believe this was a very wise move on Palin's part. Remember Palin said from the get go- "she would not play politics as usual." She has not let down on that promise.

Though Palin's announcement on Friday came as a shock to probably everyone, you didn't need tea leaves to see what not only the MSM would do with it, but, also those in her own party who feared her appeal and popularity the most. That is those that "blame" her for spiltting the party, between the Conservatives and the Moderates. I would say that the Moderates are correct in that accusation, but still have not absorbed the term "insanity." The Republicans had their "Moderate" candidate in 2008 in John McCain. Without Palin on the ticket, Obama's win would have been a landslide of large proportions. I believe the vote came out to something like 53% Obama, and 47% McCain. I don't like to repeat something not verified, or linked, but, I remember reading that Palin added about 14% to McCain's vote total. If that is true, the vote totals would have been 67% Obama, 33% McCain. That by anyone's standards would have been a major blowout landslide.

There had been a recent poll taken (see my discussion "40% now claim to be Conservative) where the largest number of people in many years now claim to be Conservative, at least to some degree. That is encouraging to any of us who consider ourselves to be Conservatives. I guess we are not so lost in the wastelands, as some would like you to believe.

With each passing day, and each trillion dollar bill being passed by the Liberals in Congress (and yes unfortunately some very unprincipled unethical bought-off Republicans) and we know there are more in the hopper as we speak, the tide is turning. As the saying goes, the pendulum swings both ways, and equally. I don't advocate going from tyranny to anarchy, but, I do advocate for "sanity." I do advocate for having 'bright bold" differences between the parties, and not just a paler shade of gray.

With Palin's resignation as the Governor of Alaska, and her statements on places like Facebook and Team Sarah, she is not "quitting" as so many have liked to say, she is moving in a better and different direction. She said she is "answering a higher calling." Even with statements from her own mouth, the speculation bandwagon is in overdrive. Even people like Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg, who at one time may have been considered "valid" by some, have been on the attack. Those 2 in particular, have been in the bag for Romney since the last primaries, but, alas, it wasn't his turn yet. Palin's move (done correctly)will make it that much more difficult for them to frame just how wonderful their candidate of personal choice is. My own personal thoughts on Romney is that there was never a position he wasn't willing to change his mind on, and, there was never a candidate that he wasn't willing to slime (politics of personal destruction) outwordly, or in an underhanded manner. Recently, Romney made a statement on Fox (I think) that we must all fight against what the Obama Administration and the Linbs are doing. Good so far. He then went on to tell Obama that the Government doesn't need to be involved in Healthcare. Wait a minute Mittens, wasn't the Healthcare plan you passed in Mass. a Government plan, albeit statewide rather than National? How's that been working out Mr. Romney? Thanks Jonah and Charles, but, no thanks.

I don't know exactly what Palin's plans are in helping to move the Conservative message, or even if she has aspirations to run for elected office again, whatever office, but, she can have a huge impact. I read somewhere recently that Palin could stand and read from a cookbook, and attract 20,000 overnight. She is a very well known fundraising machine. She said that she will work and campaign for "good candidates" whatever party they are from. I believe she has the potential to bring many lost and wayward souls back into the party that once exemplified Reaganism. If Ann Coulter is correct (and I'm not promoting Coulter here) she said that Margret Thatcher has said that Palin has every bit of potential to become one of the greats. Sarah, if your reading, take a trip to England, and learn from one of the greats from the past. Sarah is a quick study, and without the constraints of being a Governor, and from some constituents who scream and bellyache every time she leaves Alaska, she has plenty of time to learn all she needs to know. She will be free to travel to the lower 48. She will be a much needed money magnet for those she believes in. She doesn't need name recognition, and, she will show many that the name the MSM has attached to her is wrong.

According to her attorney, she will legally fight the defamation of character charges accorded to her by some very nasty bloggers, and the press. Now it will be, prove what you are saying, or be aware. One of the greatest weaknesses of the Republicans, even back to W, was that they felt kneecapped by the Liberal press, and, they have been simply walking away from the fight and the push back. Hopefully Palin will take them on, and will fight to expose every last lying one of them. Yes, all the way up to the one at the top of the trash heap, Obama. Sorry Obama, I forgot that you have others who do that for you, such as Rham Emmuel and David Axelrod with their early morning conference calls with the choosen Obama media outlets.

Sarah, choose your staff well, and choose your battles well, so that you will insure that you can win this War. Your timing is impecable, and, I look forward to seeing you again here in VA campaigning for McDonnell, Bolling and Cucinelli. I am with you all the way, and will stand behind you.

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There's only so many times you'll head-butt a brick wall before you figure out that there's another way around it. Hopefully, that is what Sarah is doing.
Sandy- Yes, many "Sarah supporters" as well as her critics were taken by surprise by her holiday weekend announcement.

We will have to wait and see what she does in the coming months, no doubt she will continue to, Click Underlined Link:

Surprise The Media
Since Palin's July 3 announcement, the sites I visit regularly have been on fire with posts about Palin. It seems there are not many in the middle about her, you either love her or you hate her. Those that support Palin, and are in the "brilliant move" category have now been dubbed Palinbots. I am a proud Palinbot.

If you listened to her statement, and didn't try to read anything into it, but took it at face vale, she did make clear her reason for doing what she did. She was not going to run for re-election as Governor, and she was not going to sit strapped to the electric chair that her detractors and enemies have put her in, just so that they could keep giving her little jolts, just waiting to find some jello that would stick to the wall, which would cause the final death jolt.

Since her announcement, there have been at least 2 more ethics complaints filed against her, which I understand are as frivilous as the first 17. I suspect there will be many more before her final day on July 26. Since Palin has not done anything to warrant removal or punishment, the game is to bankrupt her, with no concern for the over $2 million dollar cost to all Alaskans in investigation and defense costs. Palin was clear that she will not allow the Alaskan people to bear the brunt of those with personal agendas. Palin's biggest mistake, to her enemies, was in accepting the VP running slot, and, in exciting so many, ever where she appeared. She had to be marginalized.

Some Republicans/Conservatives have moved at lightining speed to call her a "quitter." Even though Palin already had more experience than our now elected child boy president, she was made to appear as a "dumbo" almost as soon as she was selected as McCain's VP running mate. What other VP candidate, on a losing ticket, has kept the interest of so many, both for and against, more than 8 months after an election? They usually go off into obscurity, and are never mentioned again. I don't subscribe to Reagans 11th commandement, however, when you finally have someone who can command such huge crowds, someone who can connect with so many people, someone who doesn't feel the need to appoligize for standing on her principles, no matter where she is standing, would even those of her own party, participate with the Democrats demonizing of her? It almost makes me believe that the Republican Party has a death wish. Or is it those elites that think she hasn't paid her dues yet, and it isn't her turn? Her turn for what- she never said the first word about running for any further elected office in her future.

Palin has made statements that she plans to work for, fundraise and do speaking engagements for good conservative candidates, that hold her principles dear. She has been clear about speaking out against the policies and plans of the current Socialist/Communist regime, currently in the majority in Washington. She recently had an article published in the Washington Post, talking about the economic destruction that will befall the US should the Cap and Tax bill become law. Palin would have had to be kept on a leash, had she stayed in her lame duck position as Alaskas Governor, as she would have had to moderate her words as the Representative of her state. That just ain't the Sarah Palin we all got to know. I look forward to hearing from Sarah unleashed. The 2010 elections are not that far away, and Palin can now do what she does best, help to get good candidates elected.

One thing that Palin recently said was that she would work for good conservative candidates from all Parties, or even those that have no party. Some have immediately bristled, and were astounded that she would help "Democrats." Please name for me one "good conservative Democrat"? If they share her values, principles and ideas, they would be Republicans. Palin appeals to the TEA Party goers, which are from all parties. Palin has the ability to attract those from other parties, just as Reagan did. She can increase the size of the tent without giving up her first principle. That's a gift.

At this time, I really could care less if Palin was even considered as a viable Presidential candidate for 2012, and I think Palin would agree. If she can help get the majorities away from those that want to destroy our nation, in the House and Senate in 2010, she will automatically become more than just the best spokesperson for the Republicans. At this time, I believe that is Palin's goal.

Steve Lee said:
Sandy- Yes, many "Sarah supporters" as well as her critics were taken by surprise by her holiday weekend announcement.

We will have to wait and see what she does in the coming months, no doubt she will continue to, Click Underlined Link:

Surprise The Media

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