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We have an important battle on our hands with the current fight over how our health care system should be reformed. It appears to be not about "health care," but rather about control over a great portion of our economy and a threat to our rights as individuals to make decisions concerning our own families and our property rights. The Obama Administration's push towards socializing the system is of such great concern, that Tito and I decided to go to Canada and ask people there how they feel about their health care system.
Help fight against socialized healthcare by posting these 4 videos. Filmed over Thanksgiving, Tito interviewed several Latinos who are directly effected by the health care system there. These are the "supposed poor" who would "benefit." Do they like the system? Well, their answers are important ones for all to see. Tito also interviewed 2 women who are not poor or Latino, but rather elite and believe they know what is best for the "common good of the society, rather than the individual." Watch and please share these videos so others will understand the truth. How would a socialized system work for 300 million here, if it doesn't really work in Canada for 33 mill?
Here are the links to all 4 videos:

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