Grassroots Network of the Republican Party of Virginia

Since Ning sites provide other groups with a means of soliciting input from it's members, will the RPV Network do this job? We solicit your comments and suggestions. We also expect this web technique to be helpful to our Republican Candidates. Will it do that task?

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Hello O.P.,

Yes I think it will have a positive impact. I do think that it would be good if we had a tab for candidates who are running for election in Virginia. I think that it could be especially helpful to candidates running for smaller offices and in special elections. For example, Joe Murray is running for Delegate in Alexandria in a special election on January 13th and probably could use help from any republican in Northern Virginia who has a few hours to spare. I am going to help him some by stuffing envelopes and making phone call and maybe canvassing on the week-end just before the 13th but I am volunteering for Pat Herrity who is running for Chair of Fairfax in his own special election. People in Arlington, Leesburg and Prince William might have some time.
Candidates could advertize their candidacy and ask for help from neighboring areas.

Suzanne Spikes
It already has- look at how you got 500 Virginians to come together already in just a couple of weeks- no less! Well done so far!

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