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PLAYING WITH FIRE I was able to attend the Chirilagua Festival in Alexandria this weekend, which was sponsored by the United Workers Union and the Democratic Party, an unlikely place for me, the hard-hatted conservative. I was there to help a friend,a Republican candidate campaigning for delegate. The festival was full of people from Central America and many other countries. I saw many families with small children. Overall the site and the presentation were nice. Helping my friend with the campaign outside, I was talking with many Latinos as they approached the festival. There were two things that made me a little suspicious:
I saw a lady wearing a Venezuelan hat and a rojo rojito polo shirt (typical dressing for Chavistas, supporters of Chavez). I spoke with her and she confirmed that she was "200% in support of Chavez," and she felt she had no need to hear about the candidate I was there to help. Later I saw another lady dressed with the same outfit at the front desk talking with the people that were part of the organization and she also stated she was a Chavista.
As the day continued I saw other people approaching the festival and this time I saw another person with a polo shirt of the fmln (Salvadorian Communist Party). I don’t want to make conclusions or analysis here, but it is strange that we are seeing many Latinos with the emblems of Communist/Socialist parties that are already in power in Venezuela and in Salvador.
Why were these people talking with the organizers of the event?
Is this event infiltrated by Communists? Or maybe a way to appeal to many Latinos?
I would like to know, what is the role of Communist foreign political parties in the USA?
Chavez money and revolution has infiltrated Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia. We in America have to open our eyes, because I believe the Communist imported Chavez revolution is already rooting itself in America.
The Democrats are clearly courting the Latino community for support and voters, but in their quest they are also picking up contingencies of some people who came to this country with socialist and communist agendas. Innocent and unaware Democrats are not realizing that they may be trying to grow their support at dangerous cost and pay back may be Hell. They are playing with fire.

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While it is alarming it is not all that surprising. The Democrats progressive agenda has much in common with communism as it all leads to government control of EVERYTHING. The problem is that when you tell the masses that you will make there lot better by destroying the rich so many of them are ready and willing to toss aside their freedoms and hop on board. That goes for all races.
Interesting. Never thought I'd see the day...but I've seen liberals do other things that I thought I'd never see them do.









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