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Outreach Group: Understanding the Hispanic community, their conservative values, and how to foster relations with the Republican Party.

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Getting Our Message to Latinos

America Eres TU (“YOU are America”) Radio Program —Joins WURA 920 AM, Quantico VA 

 — The Conservative Hispanic Coalition announced today that its Spanish talk show America Eres TU has joined station WURA-920 AM Radio to broadcast every Saturday at Noon for an hour-long call-in show hosted by Tito Munoz (“Tito the Builder”).

The show is also live-streamed and archived on USTREAM and can be viewed nationally and internationally at this link:


Call 703-221-0920 to participate in Spanish on Saturdays from Noon to 1pm.

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Started by Tito Munoz. Last reply by The Bulletproof Monk Jan 28, 2011.

Can Trash be Beautiful?

Started by Deborah Munoz Mar 22, 2009.

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Comment by Tito Munoz on February 16, 2009 at 12:36pm
A sad day for the people of Latin America and the Hispanic Community in the USA now that Chavez won the chance to be dictator for life.
Comment by Fletcher "Rocky" Johnson on February 15, 2009 at 1:13pm

Although you will normally find me collecting information, analyzing the information, and then forming an opinion, I have to react to the latest article about Terry McAuliffe.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, 15 February 2009, Marc Fisher writes about how McAuliffe is “Brash and Loaded with Cash, McAuliffe skips past the experience issue.”

As I read the article, I became more and more infuriated that this used car salesman is a serious candidate to become our Governor. Please allow my outrage as I provide those of you who may not have read the article, some bits and pieces from it.

Here is a man who is a long time Clinton hired gun, stating in the article that if Hillary had won, he might already be the Secretary of Commerce. The arrogance of this statement reflects McAuliffe’s desire for titles and power, not what is good for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Hillary lost, and now the only position of power he sees available is the Governor of Virginia position.

The article states how McAuliffe has “ traded down…” from the national stage, and how McAuliffe describes himself in the statement, “I’m a pretty good salesman.” The article continues to state how, “Just a couple of months ago, what he (McAuliffe) knew about the state (it is a Commonwealth) consisted mainly of what he saw on his commute from McLean into the District.”

Another Terry McAuliffe quote that raised my blood pressure and are indicative of the man who wants to by our Governor, “If I don’t win, my life doesn’t change on iota.” When Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher attempts to continue his interview with the Democratic candidate, McAuliffe brushes him off with a “Money calls” and he is gone.

I am a strong supporter of Bob McDonnell and conservative values, as I assume most of you are, but we need to get out and make sure the people of Virginia understand what is going on and that an outsider is attempting to purchase the Governor’s mansion.

- Rocky Johnson -
Comment by Nick Skias on February 7, 2009 at 2:15pm
It is important to reach out to others in order to make the Republican Party viable again. It has to start at the grass roots level, as Obama proved. We may not agree on everything, but we have to show that the Republican Party is open to everyone.
Comment by Joseph Taylor on February 4, 2009 at 2:04pm
Great ideas Tom.
Comment by Deborah Munoz on February 4, 2009 at 7:49am
Tom: The literature is something we could definitely put to good use, to hand out at neighborhors doors and public places like supermarkets. We'll get together to get the translation done and have them printed. Great idea!
Comment by Tom Whitmore on February 3, 2009 at 9:51pm
I was asked recently, what I thought would be the best way to effect an Hispanic outreach program and what arguments would be most effective in my opinion. I thought about it for a minute and here goes: First I would mobilize the feet in the street, the boots on the ground, the door knockers if you will. In my experience the place to win votes is face to face with friends, neighbors, any potential voter. I would organize walks and pair up teams consisting of a bilingual Latino and an Anglo to knock doors in the precincts. Wherever possible, elected officials, aides, Committee officials, District chairs, Precinct Captains and committee members should participate in these efforts. I would ensure there was some bilingual material available for distribution where necessary or helpful. Knowing many Latinos myself, I can assure you they would be honored.

Now to the arguments. Just as we Republicans like to revisit our roots, the founding fathers, the Constitution, our creed, I think we need to look to the roots of the Hispanic community. Whether it is the individuals, or there parents, grandparents or previous ancestors, you have to ask "Why did they come here?" What were their reasons? Was it to seek a better life, through the opportunities our free enterprise system offers? Maybe, it was the security of a government large enough to protect them but small enough to allow individual freedom. Or maybe, it was to escape another form of government where justice, rights and freedoms of the individual were not respected. Or maybe, it was to come to a place where they could sleep with out fear that tomorrow may bring a new oppressor or a new set of rules. Or maybe, as responsible citizens they came here, willing to pay their fair share, rather than having their pockets picked by a greedy and fiscally irresponsible government. Or maybe, they just wanted to be able to worship as they deemed fit without fear of reprisals. Whatever the reasons, these are the most common, and by now a familiar note should have been struck. The answers they were looking for, the way of life they strived for, for themselves and their families is best exemplified by the Republican Creed. it is who we are, what we are about, in this great nation, this great Republic.

Yes, we are a Republic not a democracy, that is what makes us so great, and we the Republicans are the defenders of the Republic. The Democrats would try to turn us into a democracy, the first step toward socialism and the end of personal freedoms and hopes of prosperity. The Democrats offer a return ticket to what many of them came here to escape! One of my handouts would be a two sided copy of the Republican Creed, English on one side, Spanish on the other. Show the Hispanic community that we share the same aspirations, visions and goals and that we value hard work, family, life , freedom, religion, individual rights, liberty and justice for all; do this, and they will join us!
Comment by Lisa Miller on January 12, 2009 at 9:10am
I like all of Brad's idea..The only thing I'd add is the fact that immigration is an economic tool and can positively or negatively impact employment and productivity. There needs to be a humanitarian aspect for diplomatic and security reasons.

Fmaily, the potential explosive emotional issue, has to be dealt with pragmatically and needs based linear limited basis (meaning parents and children).

Though my ancestors on my Dad's side came over as several siblings and pooled their economic resources to launch a better economic trajectory I think we need to take folks on their merit in the economic sector they intend to enter into.
Comment by Sandy Cope on December 25, 2008 at 11:32am
Holy Cow- No wonder his name is Mr. Einstein, he understands English and Spanish! He's just to smart for his britches, and no I haven't hit the eggnog YET!

Have a great day and thanks for another picture.
Comment by Tito Munoz on December 25, 2008 at 10:21am

Mr. Einstein is his name and he also is an immigrant. He was born in Colombia and came legally with all his documentation in order to join our family. He is the five year old son of my uncle’s black Labrador. Mr. Einstein understands English as well Spanish. What a joy it must be to have 5! And a lot of work too. Merry Christmas to all our friends at the RPV Network
Comment by Sandy Cope on December 25, 2008 at 8:44am
Tito and Deborah- I love the picture you added. Of course the most beautiful one in the picture is your big black furry friend.LOL What's his or her name? I am a total animal lover and have 5 myself. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukkah!

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