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Bob Marshall was one of the very few legislators who questioned the legality of allowing an unelected body to impose taxes on Virginians, and the one that felt so strongly about legislators being casual about the laws that constrain them that he spent his own time and money fighting HB 3202 in Virginia Supreme Court and the court agreed and ruled the bill as unconstitutional last year.

Bob Marshall boldly stood up to Congress and DHS in the 2009 session when he lead the charge with HB1587 to restrict the implementation of the very invasive citizen control scheme, the Real ID Act of 2005 and again he won.

This is a man who has put principle ahead of politics again and again and has defended the rights of Virginia citizens at all costs, even sacrificing a Chairman's seat in his own committee. .How many politicians would make such a sacrifice not only for his own constituents, but for the entire state of Virginia.

Now Bob needs our help. He is lagging far behind in campaign funding because during session he is not allowed to raise campaign funds. We cannot afford to lose another seat in the House and especially one held by a statesman like Bob Marshall. Freedom is not free and we all owe it to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our state to keep this constitutionist in the General Assembly.

Please join me in donating generously to Bob's campaign.


One of many friends of Bob Marshall,
Donna Holt

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