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Let's get something started. 


There was the "get out the vote" campaign for 2008.  I think we conservatives should start a national campaign in 2010 to urge every American to "Get Out the Soap!"  Why?  Because America has a very bad case of BO and we need to "cure" it.  We need to "clean" up the Congress and the White House.  In case you didn't get it, the BO is Barack Obama.


Use the campaign at every level to back Republicans who stand for our beliefs.  We could use a bar of blue soap with the logo LEVERage 2010 meaning we will leverage our collective voting power to elect those we back to Congress in 2010 and in 2012 to finally "cure" our BO problem.


There are lots of possibilities for more catch phrases and comparisons using the "Get Out the Soap!" slogan.


America needs to be rid itself of BO, so let's "Get Out the Soap!"

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