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I feel we need more Republican bloggers. Not more political bloggers but more issues targeted blogs. Immigration, Election Reform, Education, Energy, etc. We need a bigger footprint. We can't wait till election time when voters start Googling every issue they care about looking for information and dialouge, that leads them to opposing websites or worse the main stream media. We need to have a grassroots presence beforehand otherwise the consequences are not good.

Viral marketing concept.
It is claimed that a customer tells an average of three people about a product or service they like, and eleven people about a product or service which they did not like. Viral marketing is based on this human behavior. You can see how that would be germane to our political cause just ask Sarah Palin. It was not that the stories where true or not but the viral effect was overwhelming.


We want those three good references not the eleven bad references when decisions for choosing our candidates are made.

These are our grassroots bloggers and they would blog about those specific issues or topics that motivate them. Its a great reflection of the issues, Recycling, Conservation, Education, etc. but stay focused on one thing. The concept here is that they would be loosely connected to RPVn via the political blogosphere. Black Velvet Bruce Li website concerning the immigration issue here is PWC is a example of being associated with a specific issue.

I remember the McCain campaign encouraged supporters to recruit 5 new members unfortunately they should have stipulated 5 bloggers also ;-)

I encourage all bloggers to seek others that are motivated and resourceful who might want too learn how to blog for our/their issues. Get them started and mentor them along the blogging path.


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Sure, but please include a plug for quality as well as quantity.
I'm as keen on seeing concise, coherent, historically founded posts as I am in seeing a right flood of *squak*socialism bad*squak*coservativism good*squak* posts.
Good point Chris,
That could very well be part of the "mentoring".
Yes Yes and yes. Not only is it good to have a presence during the "off" season, but also to establish and hone the dialog ahead of the curve. Addtionally, it gives good reference to the "Republicans thought of that first" claim when the dems launch into thing being their ideas and taking credit for our hard work.

Who'd have thunk Obama's platform would revolve around tax cuts after all! Obviously he has no intention of honoring them, but there's a good example of how we lost our grasp on the tax cut plank because our officials in office don't always WALK THE WALK. Thus, we come full circle to credibility and quality- which must be the cornerstone of all ideas we feed the search engines under the Republican flag.

Blog onward and upward!!
Blogging away...www.navymomsforfreedomofspeech.com.

I am not a popular person to the Democratic, Liberals from NavyforMoms.com, and have definitely made some enemies when Liberty Counsel helped me in my cause to restore the right to talk about religion or politics on the Navy website. You can google "Navy removes restrictions..." if you want to know what I am talking about, but I am glad to see that I have found some fellow Republican bloggers. I was starting to feel like I was lost in a sea of Liberal, Democratic jerks.









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