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A resource for Republicans to network, strategize, and work to break the liberal hold on the African American communities of Virginia.

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Mission Statement

The roots of the Republican Party's relationship with the African American community are well known. In recent history, however, this relationship has been fractured to the point that many in the black community no longer recognize its existance, and some in the Republican Party do not see the point of reestablishing it.

For the future viability of the Republican Party, both of these mindsets must be corrected.

The mission of the African American Outreach Coalition is twofold:

1. To educate the African American community on conservative principles and the history of the Republican relationship to the black community, and

2. To stress the importance of establishing and sustaining new ties with the African American community to the Republican Party, its leaders, and its candidates.

To accomplish these goals, we welcome the assistance of all Republicans, conservatives, and like-minded independents of all races and nationalities. Together, we will be on the front lines in the fight to restore belief in conservatism in the Commonwealth.

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Are Party Leaders Interested in Outreach? 4 Replies

Started by Tito Munoz. Last reply by Tito Munoz Feb 13, 2009.

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Comment by Donald E. Scoggins on May 12, 2009 at 12:46am
Tom - thanks for referring the article written by Marcus Allen. Its interesting to note while myself and others encourage blacks to consider the Republican Party many individuals presently within the party are growing weary and coming to see themselves Democrat or not so worst, Independents.

Once the GOP stops its public bleeding of members attracting minorities will remain very difficult. Until the party starts to embrace folks agreeing with us 75% or 80% of the time acceptable coming out of our current malaise very well could remain challenging. In other words while staying true to our principles the party must adapt with the times.

As usual I am going to called a whiner and complainer, however seeing what our party has become relatively recently has somewhat vindicated my views. Of course folks running the show know best??
Comment by Tom Whitmore on May 10, 2009 at 11:53am
An interesting article by Marcus Allen, enumerating the top ten reasons why Black's should stop voting Democrat: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/10957
Comment by Coby W. Dillard on May 9, 2009 at 6:42pm
The McDonnell campaign team is continuing to build our African Americans for McDonnell coalition across Virginia!

Bob McDonnell is carrying a message of common sense conservatism across Virginia, combined with a genuine care and concern for those issues that deeply affect all Virginians: creating jobs, delivering quality education, and keeping our families and communities safe.

As our next Governor, Bob McDonnell will:

Work with both small businesses and large corporations to bring-and keep-jobs in our Commonwealth. Bob believes that the best way for Virginians to get through these tough economic times is to ensure that jobs are readily available. He will work to keep Virginia the best place in America to start a small business by opposing efforts by big labor to weaken our right to work laws.

Work to ensure that Virginia's children are learning for the 21st century. As a parent of five children, two of which are recent college grads, one is a current student at James Madison University, and two twin boys still in Henrico County Public Schools, Bob knows and understands the importance of a quality education, and will work to see that every child is provided one.

Work to stem the growth of crime in our communities and others across Virginia. As a veteran prosecutor and Attorney General, McDonnell has been on the front line in the effort to eliminate domestic violence, fight online predators, and reduce gang violence. He is the candidate best prepared to keep our children, families, and neighborhoods safe

This campaign will be different from that of other Republican campaigns in recent history. We want to take Bob's message of opportunity for all Virginians to every corner of the Commonwealth. We will not write off any region or any voter. We must be willing to talk about our principles and vision for our future in every community in every region, but Bob cannot do it alone. He needs your help!

There are five things you can do today to help take Bob's message to every community and every corner of Virginia:

1. Sign up at www.bobmcdonnell.com to receive regular updates from myself and the campaign,

2. Find five friends this week to join us as McDonnell supporters,

3. Email me (coby.dillard@bobmcdonnell.com) a list of events in your community that Bob should attend. No matter how large or small the event is, community gatherings are the best way to reach significant segments of voters at a time.

4. Serve as a as a citizen leader by chairing our African American effort in your community. Or, if you know of someone who should be our local African American community leader, please let me know.

5. Be willing to help host an event for Bob that will allow him to meet new voters and talk about his vision for a more prosperous Virginia.

I look forward to working with you in the months ahead to make Bob McDonnell our next Governor!
Comment by Donald E. Scoggins on March 28, 2009 at 9:37pm
Marsha, in addition to history can you if possible provide contacts especially if a crucial hearing is taking place this week?
Comment by Sandy Cope on February 23, 2009 at 2:49pm
Don- I do appreciate your candidness, your comments are terrific. The conversation should not be necessary. Do you think we have gone backwards though? Just as you can't shove conservatism down peoples throats, you also will never get everyone to open up to everything that is in their minds and hearts for fear of being called a racist, and that particularly applies to Republicans. Thank you for all you do, we need more Don's and Coby's andTito's that are not afraid of taking on the hard issues. Thanks for that "think" hide!
Comment by Tom Whitmore on February 22, 2009 at 11:06am
You make some points worthy of consideration at the state convention, I hope you will attend and bring your thoughts to bear.

As far as my speech I left my "sharp stick" home that night, and brought the 4x4! We were faced with a declining committee with folks splintering off into factionalized groups and the greater cause of promoting the party and supporting America was losing to simpering emotions. Some were caught in that same trap you spoke of.

I have never been an advocate of resting on laurels. Life and politics is like a card game, everyday you will be dealt a new hand, and the only looking back is to count cards, but your focus must be on the future and playing your hand the best you can. I am sure there were many in our local party responsible for great achievements in the past, but frankly, they were just not at that level last year, maybe because of factors before I came, but that is neither here or there. It is as some say, something to "Get Over".

To make a difference and get things moving in the right direction, we have to look to the future, come up with solutions, find good candidates, develop our grassroots organization and find ways to reward and recognize our hard working Volunteers. It is never ending. I would encourage you to meet with me on one of the days that HQ is open and discuss what we can do together to move PWCRC forward. Usually either OP or I are there Thurs & Fri 3pm til 7pm or later and Sat 9am til 1pm or later. This week we are at CPAC all three days but after that it will be a year round effort. Always remember, We Are the Party!
Comment by Donald E. Scoggins on February 22, 2009 at 8:39am
Tom - thanks for your last message. I believe our minds are coming together. At one time I was like you and so many others not caring to listen to all the moaning and groaning. However after a while I saw dissenters disappear and the party in decline. We wonder what happened because you certainly can't learn much from yes people.

At any rate you want alternatives, here's one. I recommend totally revamping the state party. Its present organizational structure has become completely moribund. We talk about bringing in new people. Once folks do phone banking, precinct work and lit drops they want other interesting activity to keep them engaged other than continual grunt work.

I don't know if you are aware of this but your speech last year didn't go over well telling people how they didn't step up to the plate to help the party when you as a relative new comer knew nothing most party member's past contributions. Obviously you are not considering the base is declining through age, death; and, with those still active becoming just tired and burnt out.

Back to my suggestion. To bring in new members and younger folks I propose RPV reorganize around state legislative districts where greater turnover and participation can occur. Currently many folks on the eleven state central committees acquire an entitlement attitude. Many - not all, use these slots to further their careers or other personal benefits.

Other than party activist the state governing body is relatively unknown. Maybe term limits could help too. We cannot continue to do business the same way and expect better results. Something needs to be done to energize people.
Comment by Tom Whitmore on February 21, 2009 at 11:53pm
Not hard feelings, Don, more like bewilderment at times. I must confess you do not veer much from your track. I try to limit the time I spend complaining or pointing fingers, I have found that more often than not continual complaining falls on deaf ears. Not that I am not one to speak my piece, as you well know, my reputation precedes me. However once said, I move on. I have found the best way to ensure a complaint be heard is to also offer an alternative solution.

I am a firm believer in seeking solutions and framing them in the context of our principles. I find a positive message raises fewer hackles and generally does more good. I am not saying, don't stick to your guns, I'm saying do it in a way that will attract more folks to your side.

We are the party, a handful of leaders at the top can't do anything without us, and yet without them we don't have a unified and effective effort. We knock the doors and make the calls, we are the face of the party. They at the top provide us with support and organize our individual voices into a party platform. Put on a smile with a positive message and work hard, and more folks will want to join in. That is a fact and it works top to bottom and back again.

I expect no miracles from my leaders, I expect them to support my efforts, I am the Party, and so are You , Coby, Tito, Sandy et al. Be everything that you would want them to be!
Comment by Donald E. Scoggins on February 21, 2009 at 10:46pm
Tom - now share your sentiments with our fellow GOP activists. Despite hard feelings you come away with regarding my comments you can bank on the fact I am a straight shooter and won't say things to just get along.

You mentioned the black community feels abandoned by the Republican Party. Some of that is true and could have been avoided if an atmosphere exist where folks like myself aren't viewed as whiners and complainers. As a result much information could have been shared avoiding some of these loses.

I bet you learn more from candid folks like me than those going around showing their pearly white teeth saying everything is just fine.

If my comments makes the GOP more sensitive and thereby successful however I am regarded is worth it. As they say in politics you need a think hide.
Comment by Tom Whitmore on February 21, 2009 at 10:08pm
You are absolutely right, Coby. It is about the overwhelming majority of the black community that feels abandoned by the Republican Party, even though many of them share the same values. It is about creating a positive message going forward, a message that is framed around our principles and shows how the implementaion of those principles can address some of the everyday problems that all American families are faced with. It is about educating not only the Black community, but every Virginian and American.

Your forum featuring profiles of prominent black citizens and their contributions to the Republican Party is not only educational, but provides an inspiration to young and old alike. It beckons them to dig a little deeper in their history and ask, what happened? How could their have been so many great black leaders back then and yet it has seemed such a struggle? keep making them ask questions!

It will surely be a bumpy road, but the more open we are and the more positive our message is about the solutions we have to offer, then the smoother the journey will be. And that statement holds true for all minority outreach efforts. Keep it positive, my friends. We will know when we have succeeded, we won't be discussing minorities anymore, we will be discussing Americans, all of different ethnic backgrounds and yet, all of one flavor, American.

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