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The Board of Supervisors will hear a proposal by the radical Islamic Saudi Academy to expand its campus at Popes Head Rd. ISA has been very controversial because it teaches and practices anti-Constitutional Shariah law. There is a litany of illegal activity connected to the ISA (e.g. -- valedictorian threatened Pres. Bush, chief financial officer likes to photograph bridge support systems, principal follows Shariah law and turns molested chil;d back to her molestor father, homicide bombers with suicide notes graduate from ISA and head for Israel and numerous others) Call the County Clerk's office first thing Monday and register to speak. ISA is training the jihadists of the future and the Fairfax County govt. under Connelly and now Bulova are working hand-in-hand with them.

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I don't know how much control the Supervisors have legally over the teachings, it is probably the bailiwick of other agencies, but here is a link to a US Government agency that has investigated some of the textbooks and have discovered some real concerns that are not being addressed as promised: http://www.uscirf.gov/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&am...
The key here is to not deny freedom but to eradicate teachings that would deny others of their freedom. The teaching of violence cannot be condoned by any civilized society. Most of Islam is peaceful as noted in the link, but in many societies there are those few who would want to impose, their mores on the rest, sometimes violently or forcibly. Once discovered, such abuses should be made public, to warn others and ensure that proper action to correct it is taken..
Tom, I wish the textbooks were the biggest problem but they are not. ISA teaches and practices Shariah law and has turned out a number of people who have gone on to join terrorist groups, plot to assassinate President Bush, conduct homicide missions to Israel and sabotage here in the US. Even if I believe the Supervisors' argument that all they can do is make the ISA cut its grass -- why haven't they said or done anything to get "an appropriate agency" here in the County to do something. Why haven;'t they taken action against the county employee who sent out the invitations (at taxpayer expense) to the Islamic tent meeting and free dinner? We laid all of this before them and they do nothing. We'll see if their tune changes at election time.









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