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The 2010 Obama budget reveals the major tax hike that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are counting on to fund the outrageous bailout and stimulus spending that is propelling federal spending to record levels. The tax hike is a broad-based energy tax that will wallop every American who fills a gas tank, pays an electric bill, or buys any product that has to be grown, shipped, or manufactured.

Think Gas Prices are High Now?
Just wait and see what happens if Big Government get its way. The numbers to the right tell the story. Under a bill being debated by Congress, filling up your car and heating your home will cost a fortune!

Don’t let tax-and-spend politicians take more of your money. If they succeed in scaring us into global warming alarmism, your freedom will be threatened and energy costs will balloon to outrageous levels.

A recent study shows that if extremists have their way we’ll live in a future with:
• Gas prices over $8.00 per gallon - costing families nearly $7,000 more per year.
• Electricity bills will more than double - a 129% hike.
• Government will control your home thermostat remotely (a real proposal in California.)

American families and businesses will be on the hook to pay for feel-good regulations that do almost nothing. You’ll be forced to choose between heating your home or a family vacation. Between a full tank of gas or saving for your children’s education.

If you OPPOSE plans to raise energy costs and impose huge new taxes, register to attend a Hot Air Tour stop near you.

American Council on Capital Formation: Economic Impact of Lieberman-Warner
American Automobile Association: Fuel Gauge Report

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Turn this to the favor our Republican Delegates and Senators. How have they performed to shield us from these draconian programs as best as they could -- noting that we have lost our voice at the national level?









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