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The legislators are not keeping up with emerging science, and the rules regulating our energy policy look like archaic remnants from the last century (and not the 20th century, either).

The use of Solar (which is still somewhat expensive to install a complete system) is not encouraged by the State or Federal Government, because although the State has set up a fund to reimburse a portion of that expense, the fund was never, well, funded, It's merely a shell.

If the amount of solar radiation that strikes the earth EVERY 72 hour period contains enough energy to equal our entire petroleum, natural gas and all coal reserves combined, why have we not pursued this effort with more deliberate intent?
The oil companies should be leading this exploration and bringing it about rapidly. They have another "dog in this hunt", however. They'd have a new product to harness, but they'd also have a product that they could no longer sell. So how hard are they really going to promote an alternative?

The State of Virginia will readily fine the crap out of anyone who is smart enough to get past the use of fossil fuels with renewable fuel sources. This is because they're CHAINED to the taxes on the petroleum products, and lack the will to advance tax structures and maintenance programs to encompass renewable fuels. You can legally burn reclaimed waste oil products, but ANYTHING further will garner you a heavy fine if you are caught, even if your alternative leaves no emissions. Their complaint is that you will not be paying for the road tax in maintaining the infrastructure. Yet they have not even begun to address where those funds will come from with the coming increase that will solidly drop petroleum sales.

How do we put forth candidates who are ready to change thinking and move away from the "old " technology and grasp (with serious intent) the bringing about of new thinking?

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