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McDonnell: Over $2 Million On Hand

--Raises $1.6. Million in Period from over 1000 Donors and over $1 million in last two months --

Richmond- Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell announced today that he has over $2 million on hand for the 2009 campaign for Governor. In July, McDonnell was the first candidate in the race to report over $1 million on hand. McDonnell brought in $1.612 million in last six months, from 1,072 individual contributions, and raised more than $1 million since election day 2008.

Campaign Manager Phil Cox noted, "Bob's campaign for Governor is attracting donors from all across Virginia. It is another sign of the excitement that Bob is generating everywhere he goes. Virginians are recognizing that Bob McDonnell will be the type of Governor who is willing to reach out to Independents, Democrats and Republicans, to build consensus and get results. That is kind of leadership Virginians want and deserve."

Cox continued, "We were the first campaign to have over $1 million cash on hand, and today we have become the first campaign to report over $2 million on hand. As the Democrats continue to wage an expensive, competitive nomination contest, Bob McDonnell is building the resources he needs need to win in November."

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Yeah, I'm glad Bob is doing well with fund raising. But he is going to need a lot more. The DNC Chair (Kaine) will likely pour a bunch in this race.
And what really stinks is Bob can't fundraise from now till the General Assembly session closes. So save your pennies boys and girls and get ready to fill the campaign coffers When the session closes. We will provide a one click link right here.









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