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Hi All,

A very special thank you to everyone who has joined RPV Network. We are embarking on a journey to reclaim our Country, starting right here in Virginia. We must first spread the word about our conservative values and principles. We must help the hoodwinked understand how closely we are aligned in our core beliefs. We must also put forth good candidates and then stand "united" with them. We are still a center right nation and Victory is ours for the taking. It won't be easy so roll up your shirt sleeves and break out the elbow grease, we've got some work ahead of us, but together we can make the difference and win,

Explore this site as it has many features. You can list upcoming events in your area, start a group be it for special interests or for a candidate for office, You can start or participate in forums, You can create or participate in blogs, you can converse and share ideas with friends, You can invite friends and you can post photos and videos. This site is for you and about you, the conservatives who hear the bell of freedom and want to keep it ringing.

This is a new site and we will continually strive to improve it. If you have suggestions, post a comment to O.P. or myself. Our theme is the Red Dog Express, that's the train of conservative change, where there is plenty of room for all conservatives who want to make a difference in the fight to paint Virginia red again! This train stops at all points across the state, searching out every nook and cranny that can use a splash of red. The site is in your hands, make the best of it, be courteous and thoughtfull and spread our conservative principles near and far. Invite your friends and colleagues, the quicker we build a full head of steam, the quicker we begin to really make a difference.

The site has an open and transparent platform so that folks can speak their mind and respectfully exchange views, hopefully by being in the open, we can put our divisions behind us and unite as one forceful and focused party. There are sure to be exciting times ahead, enjoy the ride!

JOIN........WORK HARD........STAY FREE!!!

Tom Whitmore








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