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VA Dem AG Candidate favors higher spending and lower spending?

The Roanoke Times at its roanoke.com website reports on a visit Wednesday by Steve Shannon who the report indicates is running for Attorney General as the Democratic party nominee.

The article notes that Shannon said he wanted to keep taxes low but… Continue

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Are YOU stupid? The Left think you are...

Are YOU stupid? ‘Stupid’ seems to be the word of the week.

First, President Barack Obama during a prime time press conference, called the Cambridge (Mass.) Police force of “acting stupidly” in the arrest of esteemed Harvard professor Gates. (Glad the BeerFest sorted that out but I wonder how many Buds Biden had AND he wasn’t invited).

Then, we have comedian and talk show host Bill Maher calling Americans “stupid.”

Are… Continue

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Another fine example

Did I see B.O. last night on the news at a supermarket produce department saying he has not been in one of these in a long time as he bit into a piece of fruit? Well I did. Now is this the example a man of his position should project? I guess I can walk into any produce department and start eating fruit without paying for it. No, I can not, you pay for it first. Is this a good example for B.O. to give to the people of this Country? Now when someone goes into a produce department and eats a… Continue

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Palin: Resist Government Enslavement

What other candidate dares speak such… Continue

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TEA for over 2000 at the Liberty 101: Richmond Tea Party

Chesterfield County Fairground was the site for one of the growing numbers of ‘tea parties’ springing up across the nation.

Touted by organizers as a Festival of Freedom and Liberty, the event was hosted by WRVA’s own the affable Doc Thompson who told the assembled throng how his political views were formulated after reading Ayn Rand’s tome ‘Atlas Shrugged’ whilst in his twenties. Thompson then went on to introduce over ten speakers including renowned American author and essayist… Continue

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Don't Tread on Me - Liberty 101

Liberty 101

Today, Saturday July 25th, will see the latest “tea party” take place in the Richmond area at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds.

The event will be hosted by WRVA’s popular Doc Thompson and featured speakers include Tito the Builder and the new Republican rock star Adnan Barqawi; Kuwaiti born and newly minted American citizen who astounded the recent Republican Convention at the Coliseum with his patriotic… Continue

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Traveling Tim – Arguably Virginia’s most frequent flyer.

Congratulations to the Richmond Times-Dispatch on their FOIA request on Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine’s travel and expenses paid for by the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

And well done to the Virginia State Police for following up on this ongoing matter.

For those of you who do not know, Kaine holds down a number of jobs:

• Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

• Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

•… Continue

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Come Out Virginia ...Part One

The legendary Billy Joel was down in Virginia Beach about this time last year and by far, the biggest roar from the jam packed stadium was to “only the good die young”.

Virginia Beach is the former home to the gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party who represented a House of Delegates seat in the area.

Joel’s lyrics, in retrospect make interesting reading and/or listening.

“Come out Virginia, dont let me wait… Continue

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Health Care Fantasyland

Tamara Dietrich, a local columnist for the Newport News Daily Press is among the latest uninformed and uninforming media types to consider the current proposals in Congress to reform health care. In a column appearing… Continue

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Just curious

The Constitution;

If you think it's good right now,

Just wait 'til we're through!"
-Washingtonian haiku

At what point, I wonder, did America lose sight of the fact that the role of the Supreme Court is not to interpret the Constitution but to use it as a yardstick to see if laws passed by Congress, the States and localities measure up? The Constitution doesn't need interpretation. It isn't as though those crafty old Founding Fathers hid secret messages in it. When you… Continue

Added by John Templin on July 20, 2009 at 1:32pm — 1 Comment

It's Not Hot Enough! Get Your Arse In Gear!


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A Bridge Over Troubled Waters


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I look back on the time when I served this Country in Vietnam and ask myself why?

The answer was to stop the spread of communism, and it was right!

I answered the call to serve this Great Nation in Iraq and Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm.

Again I asked myself why?

We will not allow a dictatorship and terrorism to spread to other countries that are friendly to the United States and possibly to our land.

Then came 9/11.

They… Continue

Added by Sean V Devlin on July 18, 2009 at 1:42pm — No Comments

Thought on National Healthcare

“Compulsory social insurance [National healthcare. Ed.] is in its essence undemocratic, and it cannot remove or prevent poverty. The workers of America adhere to voluntary institutions in preference to compulsory systems, which are held to be not only impracticable, but a menace to their rights, welfare and their liberty. Compulsory sickness insurance [National healthcare. Ed.] for workers is based upon the theory that they are unable to look after their own interests and the state [or Federal… Continue

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Political correctness

Author unknown, but no statement is more true!

"Political correctness is a Doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick a TURD up by the clean end!"

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economics 101

I received this from a friend of mine and it should be repeated over and over again until we all wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An economics professor stated he had never failed a single student

before, but had failed recently an entire class.

That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and

that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, after the Great

Equalizer completes his plans.

The professor then said,… Continue

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Army warrior terminated from job after questioning Obama eligibility

This article was published on WORLDNETDAILY.COM by Chelsea Schilling and Joe Kovacs…no matter which side you believe, if Obama would produce once and for all undisputed proof of his origin of birth this would be all over. The longer this lingers the more people question??????? What is he hiding and why??????????? Let citizens of this country pick someone to get to the truth with Obama’s full cooperation and put and end to this.

Do it now.

Sean V… Continue

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Meet Cortland Putbrese

An interview with the Chairman of the Richmond Republican Party.

Cortland Putbrese is a man to watch.


Cortland , like many others, first got involved in politics whilst in college; in his case, at U.V.A. and later at Washington and Lee University School of Law.

When asked why he was a Republican, Putbrese said “I made a decision early on in… Continue

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Times-Dispatch apologizes for Massive Resistance and Obfuscates the Source

In an editorial Thursday in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the paper apologizes for the role played, with the papers complicity, by its former afternoon counterpart, the The… Continue

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