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If the GOP Won't, We Will Get It Done for Cuccinelli

Hello! GOP! Anybody home? In case you guys in DC do not know, there's a gubernatorial race happening in Virginia in a week. While our guy Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli is amazingly holding his own, in terms of campaign spending, the Democrats are kicking our butts.

Meanwhile, We the People,…


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POLL Cuccinelli Closes Gap In Virginia Governor's Race!

The latest Quinnipiac University shows the Virginia race for Governor tightening. Terry McAuliffe now leads Ken Cuccinelli only by 4 points and when Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis is removed the lead is 1 point. The disastrous rollout of Obamacare appears to be starting to resonate in this race as it closes towards election day on Nov 5th.





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Rand Paul Targets 'Nanny' Bloomberg & McAuliffe at Cuccinelli Rally in Fairfax VA

Rand Paul Targets 'Nanny' Bloomberg and McAuliffe at packed rally in Fairfax Virginia.

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Hundreds of Thousands Lose Plans Due to Obamacare, Premiums Skyrocket

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their plans due to Obamacare. Their plans are cancelled and the replacement plans in order to conform with Obamacare are as much or higher than 10x the cost of their previous plans. One woman's plan went from $54 a month to $591 a month a 994% increase in her monthly premium.



Source: …


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The Cruz-ing, Lee-ing and Palin-ing of Ken Cuccinelli

Well folks, how does it feel to be called stupid, crazy, extremist, racist and terrorist for standing firm for values and principles which most Americans have held and continue to hold dear? Such are the rantings coming from liberal media and Washington elites about the Tea Party.

Word on the political street is GOP polling has tanked because they foolishly listened to the wacko Tea…


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E.W. Jackson "I will never appologize for Standing up for the Truth!"

Candidate for Lt Gov of Virginia E.W. Jackson, a Harvard Educated ex-Marine & Pastor, gave this powerful speech at the Values Voters Summit.

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Democrat Racism Rears its Ugly Head in the Virginia Lt. Governor's Race?

Signs bearing the face of the sole black candidate running for statewide office, Republican E.W. Jackson a Harvard Educated ex-Marine and Pastor, were defaced with white paint by vandals presumably Democrats supporting Democrat Ralph Northam and Terrry McAuliffe. This smacks of racism given the specific target of Jackson's face and signs for other candidates were not defaced. This is not the first time this kind of vandalism has happened. Signs previously were stolen from the candidate's own…


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Obamacare's War On Women

Woman finds out that Obamacare forced the cancellation of a healthcare plan she was happy with and now faces the choice of plans with double the premiums and higher…


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Ken Cuccinelli Offers a Powerful Rebuttal to Terry McAullife's Birth Control Lies

This is just…


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Virginia Governor's Race is a Dead Heat 41% to 40%

Wenzel Strategies has released a new poll on the Virginia Governor's race and it confirms some of my suspicions. The most recent  Quinnipiac University poll assumed a turnout model of 33% Democrats, 25% Republicans, and 42%. During off year elections Democrat advantage tends to moderate or entirely reverse. This occurred in 2009 the last Governor's election where Bob McDonnell won.…


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Duggar Family Endorses Ken Cuccinelli & E.W. Jackson

Michelle Duggar:

We are so excited to be here in Virginia to endorse Ken Cuccuneli and E.W. Jackson.

There is such a stark contrast between Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and his opponent, who has never held public office. Serving in the state senate and as the current State Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli has shown he has a backbone of steel and a heart of gold.

Ken Cuccinelli consistently stands up for women and their unborn children,…


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Ted Cruz Endorses Cuccinelli at Family Foundation Dinner in Richmond

“Let me say for a second how proud I am of my friend Ken Cuccinelli,” Cruz said. “Ken is smart. He’s principled. And he’s fearless. And that last characteristic in particular is a rare, rare commodity in elected life.”



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Barricades Torn down at the Lincoln Memorial Vets carrying them to Barricade the White House

Update 3:

A disabled Vet delivers a barricade to the White House. Just Amazing!

Update 2:

Here is a pic of the barricades piled up in front of the White House.


Update1: Here is the video of…


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Home Stretch: Lot Happenin' For Lonegan

Thanks folks, you have been awesome. In these last few days before the Wednesday, October 16th special election for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat, the Lonegan campaign has skyrocketed with national attention and activity. Rush Limbaugh said Lonegan will win.…


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