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"Little Joe" Cacciotti for Congess in 2010

Hi folks,

I've been asked by many like-minded people to run for Political office and have decided that I will. After careful review as to what office I decided that the problem we are having is in Washington with the career politicians who have been there for many terms if not decades.

We all agree: Washington is not listening to the People, we see our Constitution being disregarded or destroyed by our Representatives in Washington, our taxes are rising and Washington… Continue

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10 Suggested Changes Needed for America

For a start, here are 10 suggestions I came up with for the direction America should take.

Remember, it is US, the People that is the Government and we can make any changes we wish to make collectively showing unity for these United States of America.

Or have we forgot why we call ourselves the United States of America?

No Government, Country or power can take this away from the People, being United unless we allow it to happen.

The Peoples Agenda for… Continue

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Why America is in trouble.

With no disrespect to this form, I want each of you look and really think of what's happening to America.

Americans do not care if it's a Red, Blue or whatever color you want to label a political group, but do care on having Representation that is equally represented with all views. And most importantly what is right for America and protecting our founding fathers principles and values.

It has been the political parties that have caused the distrust Americans have with our… Continue

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"We the People"........What do they mean?

My philosophy:

Looking at words that begin in the first paragraph our U.S. Constitution and what I believe to be our founding fathers meaning.

“We the People” with one voice…..

“of these United States,” will stand together….

“in order to form a more perfect union,” leaving the current form of Government, have found the need for the People too…..

“establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,” due to the oppression and injustice we are now… Continue

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To ALL WASHINGTON EMPLOYEES who have shown Clear Willfull Violation of U.S. Constitution

Americans are totally disgusted with our political system and Representatives (employees) that have swayed from our founding fathers principles.

The Republican Party is equally as guilty in the way America's Government is run. And we, as their employers are also guilty in allowing our employees too much power and control and keep voting them back in office. WHY?

Over the years, both sides of the aisle have been competing for power and spend more time worrying and raising… Continue

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