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Excess amount of fluid exited from the body is one of the dehydration symptoms.

The term dehydration is derived from the both Greek and Latin, the word de indicates as separation, removal, or deprivation; while hydro means water.  It occurs whenever there is an excess amount of water or other fluids exiting from the body than enrolling is the dehydration symptoms. With around seventy five percent of the body is constituted of water that is found within the blood vessels, between cells, and also inside cells. Basically, it is the most important water… Continue

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Skin and acne – Causes and Ellucidations

Skin and acne – Causes and Ellucidations

Skin and Acne

Be it any country, or corner of the world, acne is the bitterest fact of life, esp. for teenagers. Both males and females are equally prone to acne, and both are troubled with it. What is this acne? Well, one of the most widespread disorder pertaining to the skin health. It occurs due to the hormonal changes in the body, which trigger the sebaceous glands under the skin surface to release the oil or sebum, skin protection… Continue

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Stages of Pregnancy – Fetus Development in Womb

When a woman hears that she is getting a mother of child (pregnant) it is one of the happiest moments she experience. Before getting pregnant and carrying a baby in womb for nine months is not an easy task. There are various stages of pregnancywhich one has to go through in this period from early signs of pregnancy to middle and the early stage before giving birth to a…


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Acute Renal Failure – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatments

Acute renal failure is a result of an untreated chronic kidney disease. This failure of the kidneys occurs when one or both kidneys, partly or completely, lose the ability to perform their basic function of filtering excessive water and waste stuff from the stream of blood. There occurs a continuous accumulation of the toxic substances in the body due to inability…


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