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10 Suggested Changes Needed for America

For a start, here are 10 suggestions I came up with for the direction America should take.

Remember, it is US, the People that is the Government and we can make any changes we wish to make collectively showing unity for these United States of America.

Or have we forgot why we call ourselves the United States of America?

No Government, Country or power can take this away from the People, being United unless we allow it to happen.

The Peoples Agenda for 10 Governmental changes.

1) The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights will be upheld to the highest standard and only the U.S. Supreme Court may interrupt without bias and only the People can make changes.

2) The U.S. Federal Government shall recognize only the States have any powers to levy laws, regulations, to impose and collect taxes.

3) Remove all current elected Officials from State and Federal offices, including the President. In doing so, we removed the cancer that has plagued every State and America as well. Consider exempting local elected officials from this requirement for they are closest to the People.

4) All Presidential Elections will decide on the winner by majority Electoral Votes. The Electors from each State shall be require delivering the voters choice, without change or exception. The results of the vote for their area and cannot deviate in any manner from those results. Currently an Electoral Delegate may decide against the voter’s wishes to elect the President.

5) Term Limits will be enacted immediately for all Elected Officials in Federal or State Offices with no elected position to be held longer than 4 years and cannot be elected more than 2 times without a lapse of 8 or more years. At anytime, with 60% approval from the voters for any office, an Elected Federal or State Official can be removed without reason or cause.

6) Lobbyist, Corporations, special interest groups will not be allowed to make political contributions and are further restricted on bestowing gifts, or any other value or consideration to anyone running for Election or currently in office.

7) The States shall have the power and authority to supercede any Federal Regulation, Tax or Law they deem unnecessarily puts a strain on their State Budget, causes harm or intent to anyone or goes against any States agenda or philosophy.

8) Any Taxes collected by the States, regardless of origin, shall remain as income for the State. The U.S. Federal Government must request from the States, collectively, funding for the Federal Budget or any Federal Program or Department. The U.S. Federal Government can imposed a annual flat funding request from each State, based on U.S. Census data, for operational funds for the purpose to fund, defense (internal and international), and Federal approve programs authorized by the States.

9) No Federal funding may be given to any Country or International Cause, or group without the 2/3 approval from the States.

10) With permission from the 2/3 of the Voters, The U.S. Federal Government can amend these changes.

These are only suggestions, but someone has to start somewhere, or may God help us all when we will not be allowed to make any changes.

If anyone wants to criticize my suggestions, before you do, I am sure everyone would like to see yours.

At least I am getting involved. Are you? If so, how are you getting involved to bring these United States back to the People?

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Comment by Joe Cacciotti on March 23, 2009 at 1:15pm
The question: Do you have someone else in mind that is leading America?

I am putting out suggestions looking for a direction. What I ment by asking the question too you, I am willing to lead or help lead and to do that you need to have ideas, vision and in put from those you are to lead.
Comment by Joe Cacciotti on March 23, 2009 at 1:12pm

You state you state, "our current Constitution is the best foundation for a nation in history. Part of the problem is the way we interpret its content".

This is true but has nothing to do with my suggested changes, which are changes to the way the Congress and Senate make or change laws to where those changes or laws benefits themselves.

It is the same changes for the way the Federal Government imposes taxes the State collect, and require the States to apply or request from the Fed's those tax dollars to pay for roads, schools, Medicaid, etc. Before 1909, I think, there were no income taxes and whenever the Fed’s needed money, they made their request to the States. Why can’t we do again, what we done before?

Do you now see the logic I have that caused me to suggest those 10 changes?
Comment by Scott Mellott on March 23, 2009 at 12:39pm
I'm not sure I understand your question.
Comment by Joe Cacciotti on March 23, 2009 at 12:10pm

The 10 suggestions I made have nothing to do with the Constitution as I see it and only enforces what our founding fathers imposed in the document.

Everything else I suggest for change, has been decided by Laws our Congress and Senate have enforced.

For example; at one time, the People could have a recall Election to remove a Representative and the Congress and Senate had that provision removed to protect themselves and added for any Representative to be removed from office, had to have charges or reason filed by another Representative and removal be voted on and accepted by 2/3 majority. The People had no voice when this law was enacted, and is the same thought as the law of both the Senate and Congress to have automatic pay raises.

Understand I am not suggesting for change in the Constitution, but I am trying to lead America back to our founding principles. Or do you have someone else in mind that is leading America?
Comment by Scott Mellott on March 23, 2009 at 11:38am
What is wrong with the current Constitution?

I respect your opinion, but believe our current Constitution is the best foundation for a nation in history. Part of the problem is the way we interpret its content. The Constitution means what the original writers meant, not the concept that it is a living, breathing document that has one meaning today and another tomorrow. This view has been accepted today because of a lack of principles and a lack of courage to say that view is wrong. The Constitution can be changed, but it should be through amendments, not judges re-interpreting the meaning of the Founding Fathers. If we, as a nation, return to and apply the core principles of the Founding Fathers; then, and only then, will we see change.








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