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The entire event was one giant group hug for conservatives; that’s the best way I can describe it. You could “feel the love,” for the most part. The energy was contagious and it was encouraging to see the biggest crowd ever, estimated at 8,500. It was great to see so many students there who we were constantly reminding that they are the future of our party.
The message throughout was clear and strong, we have to act now and keep our resolve to build our party by staying true to the values that bind us together.
John Bolton amazed me with his speech and Ann Coulter was outrageously funny even though the subject matter was a serious as a heart attack. Newt Gingrich brought us back to the time of Ronald Reagan and reminded us that we can and will overcome these difficult times. Rush Limbaugh gave us comic relief and was truly incredible. People stood in line to get a seat in the main ballroom 3 hours before he was scheduled to speak and the wait was well worth it. Several other rooms filled up with people watching on screens. If you like Rush on the radio, you would have loved him on stage. He seemed to feed off of the energy in the room and he gave us one zinger after another, punctuated with a few fist bumps here and there. Fox News captured the whole speech. Again, the subject was very serious, but Rush showed us we can laugh and stay strong and self reliant. He warned us our country could be turned in the direction of socialism with this Porkulous spending spree and we have to resist this trend and stand true to our values.
Tito and I met people from all over the country, involved in so many professions, efforts and causes that all converge to one common purpose, to help grow our party in strength and numbers and to help keep our country safe. We met so many wonderful people who I am certain will be lifelong friends, Shonna, Artemio, Debi and Lindsey to name only a few. If you missed CPAC this year, try to make it next year. Words cannot express the value CPAC will have for those who genuinely care about the cause. See you there next year and in the meantime, keep fighting the good fight!

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