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Campaign for Liberty at Shad Planking and the Richmond Tea Party

Shad Planking drew a smaller than expected croud due to the cool, damp weather. Democrat gubernatorial hopeful, Terry McAuliffe, was the clear winner in the sign war.

We received a very warm welcome by many conservatives and signed on some new members as well as getting some signed petitions for Ron Paul's HB1207. The drizzle didn't dampen our spirits as we made it clear that Campaign for Liberty is going to be a permenant force in the struggle to restore the republic and the constitution. We handed out over 1200 pieces of literature ranging from Ron Paul's slim jims on Sound Money to pocket constitutions. Folks seemed genuinely pleased to see us there.

A lot of C4L members from across the state stopped by to say "hello". Mike Rothfeld and some of his staff paid us a visit as well as Senator Ken Cuccinelli who carried our Senate Stop Dangerous ID bill and fought for it's passage.

It was a race to pack up and head out of Wakefield, Va to make it to Richmond in time to catch the Tea Party. Traffic was bumper to bumper as we entered the city from I-95 and by the time we parked and made our way down to Kanawha Plaza, the event was well under way.

The chilling rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the 4000 or so attendees waving their home made signs and venting their anger over a government out of control and run away spending.

The signs told the story:

"The Real Pirates are in Congress."

"Stop Toxic Spending!"

"Tea Party Today. Tar and Feathers Tomorrow!"

"Unrepentant Capitalist!"

"Obamanomics. Trickle Up Poverty."

"Obama Wants Your Dollars. Do You Want His Change?"

"Who Will Bail Out the Bailout?"

Speakers railed against the government and the growing national debt. A Patrick Henry impersonator drew the greatest applause for his "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech that was originally made just a few blocks away in 1775.

People eager to be first time activists were scrambling to grab every piece of anti-government literature available and vowed to fight to restore their freedoms. Let's just hope that enthusiasm holds out as "We the People" fight to restore the Republic.

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Comment by Mark Collins on April 17, 2009 at 10:49am
I felt so bad taking my 3 year old and 5 year old to the event. We did not bring signs as I just didn't have time to make any and my daughters were upset because everyone else had signs and we didn't So we grabbed some free bumper stickers and put them on the ends of pens for the girls to wave. It was a really encouraging experience. I couldn't believe the turnout and wonder what it would have been if it were a warm sunny day and there was actually parking available.








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