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Barack Obama campaigned on "Change we could count on". In looking at his appointments one can see how he wanted to get away from the status quo in Washington by bringing in new blood free of the scandals of past administrations.

1. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - No rehashing of past administrations here. I'm sure there aren't any scandals in her past either. Last I heard she wasn't even being questioned on whitewater or on her $1000 to $100,000 commodoties investment. Don't worry cuz she understands "smart diplomacy"

2. Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daischle - I think he was a senator before but I'm sure a few years off has given him a whole slew of new ideas. Too bad he was a lobbyist in the interim.

3. Commerce Secretary Bill Richardson - Is and has been under investigation in an enormous pay for play scandal in his home state of New Mexico. Maybe now that he's stepped down Obama can nominate Blogo for this job.

4. Secretary of Labor - Hilda Solis who during her hearings refused to answer in public whether she was in favor of Card Check Legislation. I thought the Obama administration was all about transparency.

5. Treasurey Secretary - Timothy Geithner - This is a man who when he was Chairman of the Fed in New York failed to pay the FICA taxes on his own income. Even after being audited he did not pay his owed taxes because the statute of limitations had run out. He payed them only when he realized that he was up for a cabinet post. I'm sure he is a very honorable man though as he also failed to pay payroll taxes on his illegal alien nanny.

6. CIA Director Leon Pinetta - Zero military or intelligence experience and another Clinton retread. Exactly the change we needed at the CIA. The Clintons handled our most important security agency so well.

7. White house chief of staff - Rahm Emanuel - Mr "We cannot let a crisis go to waste" and another Clinton retread. I'm sensing a pattern.

8. Head of the EPA - Lisa Jackson - Listed as one of 14 leaders of a group called Socialists International. This group has a stated goal of working towards a sustainable world society. A socialist one I'm sure.

These are but a few of the examples of the change we could count on. It is not enough that we work towards the next election. We must make our voices heard that there must be NO legislations that diminishes in any way, the sovereignty of the United States of America. We must also should it from the rooftops that this is a Democratic Republic created with the idea of LIMITED federal government and using a Capitalist economic system.

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