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As a disclaimer I must say that I work for Diligent Delivery Systems and it is my job to show companies how I can save them money by outsourcing their logistics.

I recently contacted the Chesterfield County Administrator to speak with his office about ways to save money while improving county services. I had done some homework and found that I could save the county anywhere from $30k to $60k a year by outsourcing their materials transportation. The county currently uses several vans with county employees to deliver goods throughout the school district on a daily basis.

I was passed from the Administrator's office to the School Department who apparently runs the warehouse. My understanding was the the two departments were going to meet and then bring me in to see if it was something worth pursuing. I was amazed (though I shouldn't have been) when I was told that outsourcing was something the county was not looking into. They weren't even willing to explore the possibility. Even if they had brought me in I understood that it would have been subject to a bidding process. But to refuse to even explore the idea seems ridiculous to me.

This being the business that I'm in I can save money for companies who pay their drivers very little with no benefits. I'm sure these county employees are paid pretty well with really good benefits. It's just another example of politicians looking out for their own instead of for their constituents.

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