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Some GOP, conservatives, and liberty lovers this election season have convinced themselves that they can simply opt out by throwing their vote to some 3rd party or writing in their preferred primary candidate who lost to salve their wounded egos. They say that they don't like Clinton or Trump and that even if Clinton is corrupt that Trump is more dangerous because he soils the virginity of conservatism or some such fanciful thing as if we have not supported many candidates that were far from conservative purists. I've personally supported every Republican candidate for President since I was voting age save one and that was before  I considered myself a Republican. I voted for businessman Ross Perot in the 1992 election. This election has stakes far greater than those that manifested in 1992. We also now have seen the results of not heeding the warnings of Perot on trade, on our national debt, and the size of government.

Putting those things aside we stand on the proverbial edge of a political abyss because like no other time in recent history the next President will not just control their office but also shape the balance of the Supreme court for the next 30-40 years. We already have 4 reliably far left justices on the Supreme Court and with the death of Scalia a Hillary Presidency would appoint another and there is one thing that is certain she will appoint a left wing loyalist and that is just the beginning because she is likely to replace the two aging liberal justices Ginsberg and Breyer with younger versions and it is completely within reach that she may end up appointing replacements for both Kennedy and Thomas. This would leave the SCOTUS totally in the control of the left for the foreseeable future.Clinton would be from the time she appoints her first justice the most powerful President since FDR.

Clinton would have a SCOTUS that would be almost guaranteed to rubber stamp her every executive overreach in ways that President Obama could only dream. Now suppose in 4 years Clinton is replaced by a Republican, this would produce a result where the left driven by the likes of the ACLU and other left wing legal activist groups would simply run case after case to the Supreme Court and those left wing Justices would rule in their favor changing the constitution with those rulings to make it mean whatever they like. This is not an intellectual study because this is what we've already seen over and over again.

We can kiss the 2nd amendment goodbye, we can kiss religious liberty goodbye, and we will find quickly any ground that we've gained concerning the Pro-life and other conservative causes evaporate under leftist SCOTUS rulings. All that we will be able to do is pound sand and dream of revolution. We can also expect all kinds of new Roe v Wade like "rights" which are really just ways to force the will of citizens and override local governance "discovered" in the constitution. Just imagine the worst left wing ideas and then imagine them found magically to be in the constitution as new edicts that must be adhered to by every state in the union. That is what we and our children and grandchildren have to look forward to.

Clinton is a very real existential threat to America and to conservatism in ways Obama never could be. She will have the power to singlehandedly neuter conservatism and any idea of limited government for generations. We will have completed the transformation into something that may not be possible to come back from. So when you are deep in your box of hate Trump toys and you are lighting the fires of seething reverie about how Trump was mean to your guy or gal in the primary, you should ask yourself if you are really willing to just surrender America to Queen Hillary Clinton and her left wing acolytes on the Supreme Court.

If you are willing to do that you might as well be one of those burning the flag, spitting on our soldiers, or ambushing our cops because you are turning them over to her and her barbarians and then looking the other way snickering in your "told you so" corner counting your pieces of silver hammered out of your own sanctimony. 

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