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It was over two hundred and thirty years ago when Thomas Paine, a British citizen anonymously published a pamphlet called “Common Sense”. Paine wrote this as he and his fellow colonists tired of British oppression. Today, we as citizens find ourselves in a similar situation. We are not being oppressed by the British monarchy, but instead we are being oppressed by a government obsessed with runaway spending that is killing jobs and crippling our economy.

So many of us have sat idly by, hoping that our elected officials would act responsibly, curb their wasteful spending, and get busy on initiatives to put Virginians back to work. Well that hasn’t happened. We could sit back and hope things will get better, but I believe we would be sitting idly while our government runs our country and this commonwealth into the ground. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” Well I can sit idly by no more. That is why I decided to run for the House of Delegates in the 63rd District.

There are many issues that our General Assembly will face next year but I plan to focus my campaign on some of the most important issues:

Jobs and the Economy. Unemployment in the 63rd District has more than doubled since April of last year. Virginians are hurting. Dinwiddie County saw it’s unemployment rate go from 3.9% in 2008 to 7.9% in April of 2009. Petersburg saw a similar increase from 5.8% to 12.7% in 2009. Even Chesterfield County was not immune to a staggering increase in unemployment from 2.9% in 2008 to 6.8% in 2009. I want to go to Richmond to fight those elected officials that believe that big government is the solution to our problems. We need a common sense approach to fixing our economy. Taxing, borrowing, and spending won’t do anything to stimulate our economy. In fact, it will simply lead to more regulation and less innovation, a real job killer for Virginians. As a Delegate, nothing is more important to me than helping to create lasting, private sector jobs and growing Virginia’s economy.

Reduce Wasteful Government Spending. During the past four years, our state government has attempted to balance the budget through unrealistic revenue projections, the use of temporary stimulus money to pay for continuing programs, and unnecessary use of the Rainy Day Fund. Because of this, Virginia has incurred more than $5B in budget shortfalls. It is imperative to understand that we cannot continue to manage the finances of the Commonwealth this way.

As a Delegate I’ll fight to restore fiscal integrity to state government. We must base our budgets on realistic revenue projections and reduce our wasteful spending on pork projects. The size of Virginia's state budget has almost doubled in just the past ten years. Gone are the times when citizens are willing to sit back and allow politicians to spend their hard earned tax money without any oversight. Citizens should have the right to see where their tax dollars are spent in order to hold their elected officials accountable for every dollar they spend.

More Energy now. Virginia needs to take an "all of the above" approach to meeting our energy needs. We need to continue to support the traditional sources of energy that keep our electricity costs fairly low while expanding our investments in renewable energy sources. It's important that we are not solely dependent on foreign oil. As a Delegate I’ll push to explore and drill for oil and natural gas off of Virginia’s coast. I believe we need to embrace Virginia's Coal and Nuclear industries.

Now is the time to make your voice heard by choosing “Common Sense” for the 63rd District. Support Susan McCammon for Delegate.


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