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Dan Savage "We Should Acknowledge The Existence of Good Pedophiles”

There has been considerable controversy over recent comments by Dan Savage, a radical gay rights activist, when he said "we can learn to ignore the bulls--t in the bible.." The youtube video of the event is below so you can watch it yourself. However this is not the first or the worst or most radical of this man's hateful outbursts. He is also very outspoken on issues such as pedophilia.

One of many examples is a column where he wrote that "we need to acknowledge the existence of good pedophiles".

The link below is to an advice column from Feb 2, 2010 where he states his long standing sympathies for pedophiles.


I'm not going to go any further than that because the man's ugly vulgar and obscene history is readily available online but of course the msm doesn't seem to care what this man says or does because they didn't even notice or rather were not shocked when he and his and his partner Terry Miller were invited to the White House by the Obama administration for a June 29,2011 “Pride Reception”.


Does this mean President Obama's positions on Pedophilia have also evolved?


Here are a couple detailed filled links courtesy of Ben Shapiro:

"Dan Savage: 'I Wish Republicans Were All F***ing Dead'"


"Dan Savage: Justice Scalia Is A 'C***sucker'"


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