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Growing Grassroots Support for Jeff Frederick, and Please Sign the Petition

Over the past week the grassroots movement in support of our party chair has continued to grow. Last Monday a rather mean spirited facebook group popped up calling for Jeff Frederick to resign. The following day I began a facebook group supporting Jeff Frederick. Within four hours the group supporting Jeff Frederick grew to have a membership 70% the size of the opposition, by midnight the group supporting Jeff had about sixty more people than the other group, and right now Chairman Frederick's facebook supporters outnumber his detractors 215-133.

On Wednesday the Augusta Co. Republican Committee became the second committee to pass a resolution supporting Jeff Frederick. Two of the three counties to pass resolutions along these lines have passed them in favor of Jeff Frederick. After results like these, I am working very hard to keep myself from making sarcastic remarks at Bob McDonnell, Eric Cantor, and others who claim they represent the grassroots on this issue.

Right now we are working on gathering petition signatures from Republican activists across the state. If you haven't signed the petition, please do it asap and encourage your friends to sign it, as we send a strong message to state central that the grassroots supports Jeff Frederick.

The following is a very good article by a state central member from the 1st congressional district.

If you would like to get involved in the We Support Chairman Jeff Frederick movement, please join us on facebook, or the RPVNetwork, sign the petition, and encourage your state central members and the McDonnell campaign to support Jeff Frederick.

Article originally posted at VASocialConservative.

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Comment by Eric Martin on March 24, 2009 at 10:29pm
Since when does out of state Facebook kids on a page constitute Virginia grassroots Republicans? It's fine that you support Jeff for you own reasons, but you should try not to make such a transparent attempt at spin. The fact is that JFred will have nothing but a negative effect on the 2009 elections whether is is unanimously thrown out of the seat on April 4th or squeaks by with a miracle.

Most of the damage is done already and the Virginia GOP is now a laughing stock by many measurements. Not entirely his fault of course, but he's done more than his share of damage. I'm not sure anyone will want to become the next party chairman in his wake.

Support whomever you want, but please don't pretend to be Karl Rove.








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