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I was supporting Cruz but I’m solidly behind Trump now. I’ll still vote for either one and think both are great men. That said I want Trump to run the primary board starting in Iowa. I want Washington DC to be afraid, to understand that something is coming their way that is going to mess with them like they’ve been messing with us, that will transform them as they’ve been transforming America. America is rising again and all should be excited about it rather than distracted by the demeanor of the vessel of what is a bloodless revolution. I know Trump has held various positions before getting into politics some which are not conservative however if one really looks at the man who like all of us is flawed there is an undeniable strength there below the bombast.

Many who are born rich take it for granted. Trump never did this. His brother Freddy died a drunk so there was no guarantee in riches. Trump wasn’t just a spoiled rich kid, he didn’t just milk his Dad’s business and fortune he took it as a launching point and extended it to heights even his father who started out poor in the Bronx the son of immigrants never imagined. Trump may be a brash flawed man but he is far more accomplished than he is flawed and it is troubling that some Christians/Conservatives feel it is their job to judge this man as if God only blesses those who live in a box of pharisee like piety. The one thing I really like about Trump is that he presents himself warts and all. Sure he gets some things wrong but more importantly he fights for what he has come to believe. He also fights to win at a time when some conservatives behave as if fighting to win is beneath or beyond them. Trump most importantly fights for what he loves and it is undeniable that he loves America.

No consultant in a back room tells Trump what to believe and its sad that some have become so accustomed to the teleprompted leader who reads stuff he never even wrote and probably doesn’t even believe that they recoil at anyone who doesn’t speak in the politically correct verses of the already damned. Those that mock Trump supporters and Trump prove themselves the ignorant ones. Trump has more accomplishment in his little finger than all the other candidates running and if these self styled experts had bothered to research Trump they would find it hard not to be impressed. Trump the man is not a caricature or empty suit. Yes he gave money to Democrats but he also gave more than $600,000 to Republicans and his family were strong supporters of both Goldwater and Reagan. Even Reagan loved FDR at one time and was a Democrat and to try to disqualify Trump on those grounds is foolish.

Imagine for a moment if Christ behaved as many Trump detractors do. Its especially sad after many of the same supported a man in Romney who was also flawed and changed his mind and positions even though many excused those flaws because he projected an image and demeanor that also made it hard for him to ultimately fight back and so he lost but man he sure did look good in a suit. Now some of these actually say Trump is worse than Obama as if a successful businessman who talks about fighting for the American worker, the American Veteran, and the American citizen is worse than a man who never spent a day building anything of note in the private sector and who clearly holds disdain for traditional America. Its shameful that many Republicans behave as if they believe being bold, successful and unapologetic in putting the interests of American Citizens first is hate. 

There are few times in life you get a chance to be a part of something historic and yet some as if suffering from a Stockholm syndrome behave as if the honor of Washington DC must be protected like it is a virgin bride rather than a pit filled with serpentine whores. I love Ted Cruz and many of the other candidates but you don’t send in the philosophers to argue with vipers. Washington DC does not need a hug. The time for gentle persuasion is long over. Its time for a more nuclear option. I want a candidate who will not stand down and will not prostrate themselves at the expense of America but will fight to destroy the enemies of America within and without.

Its for these reasons I endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America.

I'm ready to "Make America Great Again". 

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