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Congratulations to all the primary and convention nominees and thank you to all of the candidates, staffs, volunteers and supporters who fought so hard and participated in the electoral process which is a first step in preserving our freedoms. Now comes the rub for some, to join forces and go on to win in the fall for liberties sake. It is a nearly unavoidable fact that in the heat of battle the rhetoric sometimes heats up as well. We must all remember that they are just words, oft times misspoken in the heat of passion, sometimes not, but none the less just words. In Virginia we have elections every year, little time remains between battles for hurt feelings to heal. The best course of action is to accept that it will happen time and again. Let it roll off like water on a ducks back. Liberty is too precious a thing to be forsaken by hard feelings and hurt, let them go, it is part of the political process whereby we vet out the strongest candidates to go on in the fall to battle the real enemy. Please don't sulk, but rather step up and help win the larger battle for freedom. Don't let your character or spirit be weakened, stay engaged, hone your skills and message, then return to try again next time. We must all count on each other, for only in unity does liberty prevail.

In Unity Lies Liberty

Oh my country what of thou,
In your time of greatest need,
Will the people and leaders rise up now
Or will they choose not to heed?

Will they squabble so for naught,
Over issues of lesser priority,
And so shirk, that which ought
Be fought, to save their liberty?

Or will they all together stand,
In unity for the common good,
Taking forward steps on a plan,
And doing so in brotherhood.

To stop the onslaught on our rights,
That our great Republic may not fall,
And then resting easy on those nights
Their deeds honor those who gave all.

The job at hand is so very clear,
To build our team and to unify,
With selfless dignity we must steer,
That freedom and liberty do not die!

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