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Keith Fimian Sets the Record Straight

Good Afternoon
Like many of you, I am frustrated and disappointed by falsehoods my primary opponent is spreading about me and my company in a
desperate effort to shift attention from his record of raising taxes
and the fact he is trailing in the polls.

Please watch this short video that sets
the record straight and please forward it to everyone you know
I need and would be grateful for your vote on June 8th.

Keith Fimian

The Facts Behind Pat Herrity’s Negative Attacks
Herrity LIES about Tax Liens

Pat Herrity said Keith Fimian hasn’t paid his taxes. That is absolutely
. The IRS placed a lien against U.S. Inspect many
years ago, because company paperwork filed with the IRS had incomplete
Taxpayer Identification Numbers for some of the over 3,000
subcontractors engaged with my company in 2001 and 2002. It was cheaper
to pay the IRS, rather than hire a lawyer and sue them.

Pat Herrity knows there were no unpaid taxes by Keith Fimian or his
company. He knows Keith Fimian paid his taxes. He also knows it was a
fine for contractors filling out IRS paperwork incorrectly. And the IRS
will only get worse as Democrat Gerry Connolly and other big government
politicians expand the size of government. Yet Herrity continues to
attack Keith Fimian because he is desperate to distract attention from
the inescapable fact he raised taxes.

Herrity LIES about Better Business Bureau Complaints

Pat Herrity says there have been complaints filed with the Better
Business Bureau against U.S. Inspect. But what Herrity doesn’t tell you
in that Keith’s company has an “A” rating from the BBB. It’s another
example of a politician twisting the truth to make a good thing sound

Herrity LIES About Business License

Pat Herrity says U.S. Inspect had its business license revoked. Again,
this is another falsehood. In Arkansas, where U.S. Inspect has no
employees, the company did not have a business license because it didn’t
need one.


Pat Herrity joined with Democrat Gerry Connolly to raise taxes and now
he is attacking Keith Fimian to divert attention from his own tax
raising record. Now we know that Herrity and Connolly not only cast the
same votes for tax increases, they also tell the same lies.

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