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"Little Joe" Cacciotti for Congess in 2010

Hi folks,

I've been asked by many like-minded people to run for Political office and have decided that I will. After careful review as to what office I decided that the problem we are having is in Washington with the career politicians who have been there for many terms if not decades.

We all agree: Washington is not listening to the People, we see our Constitution being disregarded or destroyed by our Representatives in Washington, our taxes are rising and Washington refuses to control spending, Washington is big government and refuses to limit further intrusion into our personal lives, We the People will no longer stand for a Government that controls the people, instead of the People controlling the Government.

I will be submitting my a paperwork to run against Eric Cantor (R) who represents Virginia's 7th Congressional District. Eric's time in office needs to end. He has been the poster child of the GOP and could be the next Speaker of the House when the GOP is back in control. This is not my issue with Eric. Eric has been a fair Representative but the issues I and many others have are with Eric's YES voting record for TARP and then apologizing months later for that vote. His voting record on issues that go against our Constitution such as restricting executive pay, allowing voting rights to Washington D.C., when the Constitution clearly states only States have that right, and his consent solicitations of Campaign funds from Banks and Financial Institutions, law firms and special interest groups. Eric spends more time on the road outside Virginia to attend these fund raisers.

Did you know, Eric's Citizens Advisory Board, which meets with Eric and discusses issues and concerns, request that you pay to attend these meetings?

The list of reasons Eric Cantor needs to be replaced are too long for this format and I am hoping you will decided for yourself if he should be replaced, based on facts and not on hearsay.

I promise everyone, If I am elected, I have no desire to make this a career and I will have no future need to be "on-the-road" looking for campaign funds. Instead, I feel it is better to have communication with my employers (voters) and have and attend community meetings. I am still developing a campaign strategy and I would like your input as to what you would like me to add to a campaign platform. After all, it is your voice, your issues and concerns I will be expressing, and not my own or personal feelings as a Representative of you.

This is all new to me, so I would appreciate any thoughts, help or suggestions from anyone on how to achieve what I have heard and expressed myself on how we need new Representatives in Washington. You may email me anytime at; FilmVA@aol.com.

Thanks, and lets hope more new faces join in the 2010 Elections.

"Little Joe" Cacciotti

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