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I have to say that I am just appalled at the dirty tactics of the Herrity campaign. Their blatant distortion of the truth just for political gain is frankly disgusting to me. I hope and pray Mr. Fimian wins, because I do not think I could cast a vote for Pat Herrity after witnessing his campaign. It seems to me that a person of character would not allow such a campaign to be run in this manner. I am proud to say that I have already casted my absentee ballot for Mr. Fimian and I have comitted to help his campaign after victory next Tuesday. Yes, we need to kick Gerry Connolly out of office, but if the choice is to replace him with another corrupt politician with his own agenda, what's the point?

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Comment by Marta on June 4, 2010 at 7:45pm
More Herrity facts that turn me off:

Supervisor Pat Herrity asked Fairfax County to study spending $100,000 for a Redskins Hall of Fame Museum.   Now we all want the Redskins to do better, but in these tough budget times, should we spend tax money on a Redskins museum?  

During a recession with Fairfax County facing budget cuts to core services like transportation and education, Supervisor Herrity wanted to call an audible on the budget and divert taxpayer money to a pet project.  Herrity talks tough, but he is just another big spending politician.

While Herrity was proposing wasting taxpayer money on a Redskins museum, he voted with liberal Democrats to raise the real property tax rate by 13% in one year! Supervisor Herrity has voted for over 25 Democrat-backed tax and fee increases

Taxpayers ought to throw a penalty flag for excessive celebration on Gerry Connolly and other liberal Democrats who Herrity aided with his votes for their tax hikes.

Pat Herrity promised to spend our taxes wisely, but he wanted to spend $100,000 on a Redskins museum.  Voters should punt on Herrity. 
Learn more at www.HerrityHikedTax.com
Comment by Marta on June 4, 2010 at 9:21am
Why don't we start with his claim of not having raised taxes, or that fimian is corrupt because he didn't pay his? I have heard him speak several times, but his mailers say it all. Not known local politics and not being part of the establishment are nothing but pluses for me; we need fresh blood and NOT career politicians like Herrity. You must work for his campaign because you are repeating some of the absurd arguments about not having public voting record; of course Fimian has no public record, he has never held public office!!! What about being absent 40% of the time he has been Supervisor? What about not voting period? What about voting WITH Connolly? I could go on, and on, and on.
Comment by Fairfax GOPr on June 3, 2010 at 5:47pm
And why, since you sling the accusation, do you say Herrity is a corrupt politician? From everything I have experienced as a resident, he has spent his time on the BoS trying to clean up Connolly's mess...while Fimian runs with speeches about amnesty for illegal aliens and being oblivious to the nature and severity of the issues relating to the budget crisis facing the very Congressional District he is trying to represent. He doesn't know local politics, he doesn't know the fiscal issues pertaining to residents in the 11th, he has zero public office track record, he sidesteps public school dilemmas as if they are beneath him to discusss - have you SEEN and HEARD him speak publicly?? You Tube videos do not a politician make - case in point...B. Obama, Teleprompter In Chief. When you put Keith in a public situation and ask him to articulate his views extemporaneously, he starts with "blah blah blah America, blah blah blah patriotism, blah blah blah jobs". Once you LISTEN to what he says when he FINALLY gets around to saying it, you wonder if you are in the wrong room! All this, and not even touching on growing scandal of his public statements that he started HIS company in HIS garage...the blue dress is coming my friends.
Comment by Marta on June 3, 2010 at 12:56pm
Keith is merely stating facts, while Herrity distorts the thruth, or in plain English, lies.








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