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Planned Parenthood Supporter Misrepresents Delegate Bob Marshall in Gainsville Times Article

Yesterday I noted that a biased student journalist misrepresented a statement made by Delegate Bob Marshall. Apparently the student heard what she "wanted to hear" rather than what was actually said and meant by the speaker.

Media attending the press conference included ABC News, Channel 8, CBN, The Washington Post, Richmond Times, The Virginia Pilot, The Associated Press and other fine news sources. Yet, none of these professional journalist heard or interpreted Delegate Marshall's "alleged statement" in the way that student Ms. Kelsey Radcliffe did. And why is that? Simply because what she reported as being said was never said, nor the meaning she implied ever meant!

Yet, our local gossip rag, the Gainsville Times, simply took the article by Ms. Radcliff without checking any of the facts, nor even attempting to verify the veracity of the article, and published it outright causing great harm to a very honorable and highly dedicated public servant who has no inclinations even close to what Ms. Radcliff alleged!

Transcripts of the actual speech, made by CBNNews, are posted on Delebate Bob Marshall's website along with a video of the entire speech where anyone wishing to verify Bob's actual statement can do so. Bob did not use the word "God" at all in his statement, and he while he referred to fact that some Christians might suggest that the cause of the higher incidence of handicapped children following the abortion of a first child might be a special punishment, he never indicated nor claimed that was what he believed.

If we make a statement about what some others believe, that does not make us believers ourselves. For example, if I make a statement about what some communists believe, that does not make me a communist! Or if I make a statement about what some Christian sect or group believes, that does not make me a member of that group. It is a basic error in logic.

What Ms. Radcliff failed to report was the study by the Virginia Commonwealth University referred to by Delegate Marshall that concluded that first abortions of the first pregnancy are much more damaging to the woman than latter abortions which is supported by over 258 peer review studies from the National Library of Medicine as well as the results of research contracts with the US Public Health Service.

Perhaps Ms Radcliff should be a little more open to listening to a message she does not want to hear.

Could there be any connection between Ms. Radcliff's venom and that fact that Delegate Marshall was stating that Planned Parenthood should be defunded?

Planned Parenthood the nations largest abortion provider which has ...

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