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Hi All,

A little something to remember!

On this very special day,
Near the end of each May,
When we gather together,
Our thanks to untether,
For those who gave all,
That we may stand tall,
In their honor I say,
Do your best everyday,
To cherish and to keep,
Safe our liberty and mores,
That their loved ones weep,
In vain nevermore!

Copyright 2009, Thomas J. Whitmore

May we all rejoice in the knowledge that, we stand here today, by the grace of God and the selfless sacrifice of so many who went before, to fight for our freedom and landed on their final shore. May we the beneficiaries of their last and greatest gift, remain ever grateful and honor their deeds and memory by continuing their fight everyday by accepting responsibility, in any part, large or small to defend the freedom. liberty and justice for all that they and our forefathers envisioned and bequeathed to all of us. Have a wonderful Memorial day and always remember, to remember!

Warmest Regards,


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