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In Wisconsin you've been witnessing "democracy" in action, the rule of law and republican form of government will prevail! Thank God that the founding fathers anticipated this kind of behavior and gave us a Constitutional Republic. The founding fathers were scared to death of democracy, now you see why (mob rule).


Did you know that for as much as we hear about democracy and its virtues, that its use in describing our form of government is a misnomer.  The term democracy does not appear in the US Constitution, or in the constitutions of the 50 states. Democracy has been promoted by the liberal establishment and democrats for years, in an effort to promote rule of the people (sometimes mob rule) over the rule of law, where the people elect representatives to do the work of governing within the limits of the law (the constitutions).  We have witnessed these last few years the disdain many congressional democrats, including the President, have for the rule of law, our Constitution!!


Gov. Walker needs to have the courts order the Democrat legislators to return to the session or be in contempt, and then pursue every avenue to set the stage for their removal and hold special elections to replace them. He could also cut 5.500 state jobs across the board and achieve the same reduction in spending if the unions don't want to share the pain. Want to bet Wisconsin got into that $3.5 billion deficit with some help from the unions.


We have known for quite some time that the unions were controlling the Democrat party with their purse strings, now you are seeing first hand how deeply the problem goes. I would have to guess that Wisconsin is indicative of the rest of our Country.


We must support Wisconsin in this fight or risk this mobocracy coming to our own states!


Tom Whitmore


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