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There is a new controversy surrounding the former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin.

Levi Johnston, her almost son-in-law and father of Palin’s only grandchild, is back in the media spotlight; this time a rather large piece complete with glamorous modelling shots in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine. Mr. Johnson doesn’t not hold back on his recollection of life with the Palin family with whom he lived for several months after the presidential campaign until he and Bristol broke up in January of this year.

According to Johnston, America’s most famous hockey mom wasn’t much of a mom at all leaving the children to cook and clean for themselves. He even alleges that Palin dumped care of her youngest child who has Down ’s syndrome off on Bristol who is herself now a mother.

“There wasn’t much parenting in that house,” he said. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook – the kids would do it all themselves; cook, clean, do the laundry and get ready for school”
He depicts Palin "on the living room couch in her two-piece pajama set from Walmart -- she had all the colors -- with her hair down, watching house shows and wedding shows on TV." Todd, for his part, was in the garage sneaking beers.”

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