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Shocking Video: Attacked by "Tolerance" (Peaceful Traditional Marriage Supporters Violently Assaulted)

In this newly released video, volunteers with the American Society for  the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) describe how they  were violently assaulted by pro-homosexual "marriage" advocates while  promoting traditional marriage on college campuses and in the public  square.

"That empty slogan about tolerance comes crashing down after you see how TFP volunteers were criminally assaulted by same-sex 'marriage' advocates," said TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie.

"The video speaks for itself.  They don't tolerate God's marriage.  In fact, our volunteers have been bullied, pepper sprayed, hit with glass bottles, sprayed with pesticide, punched, and spit on for peacefullystating that marriage iswhat it is – the unionbetween one man and one woman."

Source: http://www.tfpstudentaction.org


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