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Should General Assembly approve a bi-furcated tax rate in 2009?

There are three things we must do....live, die and pay taxes.

In 2009, legislation will be introduced for consideration of a bi-furcated tax rate. If passed, the BoCS will have to vote to implement it, but the jury is out on whether this is a good or bad idea.

The intent behind this effort is to assure that Prince William will remain competitive in attracting businesses. For local government this is may be their best hope for creating additional revenue.

The Prince William BoCS has a Republican majority on the board that should represent us well on this issue. Other jurisdictions may not fare as well. Sound fiscal responsibility will assure us that residential property taxes will not sharply increase.

Another option that hasn't been discussed is to keep the rate at .97 across the board forcing limited government and lower taxes onto the backs of local government and schools but the PWC School Board has reached out to Senator George Barker (D) to seek funding solutions for revenue shortfalls. The result is proposed legislation for a bi-furcated tax rate.

Do we continue with a flat tax rate, adjust to the times and seek to implement a bi-furcated tax-rate, or is it time to reduce the size of government and learn to live within our means?

What do you think?

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Comment by Clete Shultz on December 6, 2008 at 9:36am
I believe that we spend unnecessarily on government and need to cut cost. However, while it's easy to advocate elimination of certain programs, it would be virtually impossible to arrive at concensus as to which programs should be eliminated. Further, reliance upon the various agencies to identify the sacrifices they're willing to make is too likely to end up with "gold watches" being offered (to make the public gasp in horror) while protecting the unnecessary fluff.

I have recommended and continue to support a zero-base review of the budget across the board...perhaps not all at one time, and certainly not every year, but without it, the BOCS has no way of knowing how revenue is being spent and why we need increases. For example, Is it just possible that the 15 administrative specialists that have been employeed by a particular agency are not ALL required?








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