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Skin and acne – Causes and Ellucidations

Skin and acne – Causes and Ellucidations

Skin and Acne
Be it any country, or corner of the world, acne is the bitterest fact of life, esp. for teenagers. Both males and females are equally prone to acne, and both are troubled with it. What is this acne? Well, one of the most widespread disorder pertaining to the skin health. It occurs due to the hormonal changes in the body, which trigger the sebaceous glands under the skin surface to release the oil or sebum, skin protection lubrication, to cause bumps in the skin. The sebum runs into the hair follicles in the skin and fills up the follicular sacs to give a pimply appearance, which is nothing but acne.Skin and acne go hand in hand. Everyone is bound to get acne at some point or the other in their lives. And since hormones are involved tremendously in the occurrence of acne, most people experience it during he processes of puberty. Yet, acne can affect people of all ages. From 10 to 50, anyone and everyone can get acne due to various reasons. There is no definite cause or time of occurrence for this particular disorder. Let us check out what all can play key role in causing acne.

Causes of Acne
The basic cause of acne is not yet discovered to be definite. Yet, various other factors highly trigger the occurrence and appearance of acne in adults. Bacterial infection is a major cause of acne. The bacterial trace known as Propionibacterium acnes is a common inhabitant of the human skin, and contributes greatly to the triggering the process of acne formation. Another factor to be considered as an important cause of acne is the hormonal distortions that occur in the body during various life stages. Apart from puberty, in females the menstrual periods also mark the rise and fall in the levels of certain hormones which aid the acne process greatly. Hence, many females are seen with acne when they’re going through menstruation. Also, a different game of hormones is seen during pregnancy, which may cause the appearance or erasing of all acne from a female’s body and face. Consumption of birth control pills is also related to the hormonal throbbing in the body, which may act as a potential acne causing factor. Stress and other mental disturbances together form a separate, but important, set of acne causing agents. Certain other medications can cause acne too. Other less common causes of acne include application of oily or creamy lotions and facials, already oily skin, less of hygiene, and so on.

Acne Diet
There are hardly any treatments that could promise one an acne free skin. Even medicines seem to be causing more of acne that relieving it. But one of the methods to control acne without use of medicines is a proper acne diet. The first rule of following this acne diet includes exclusion of all the oily and fatty foods from the diet. Spicy and munch foods have to be forgotten completely, as they have a big hand in bringing those busty blemishes on your skin. More attention is to be paid to fiber inducing foods, like fruits and vegetables, salads, and so on. Fruits and their fresh juices are known to be the best agents to keep your skin and acne apart, by serving healthiness to the skin cells and keeping them fresh and young always. Limes are the most acne soothing agents. Well- ripened fruits, fresh green veggies, tomato- cucumber and avocadro- chives salalds, suchi without rice, extra virgin olive oil – these are some of the main acne diet items. Controlling smoking and alcohol intake becomes highly essential at this stage, because these are hormone disturbing agents which may result in the worst types of acne ever seen.
Thus, skin and acne care with a proper acne diet evade every root cause of acne.

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