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Is that despite the fact she was Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, she was "lied to" by the CIA and had no idea about interrogation methods. Additionally, she claims that while she understood that harsh tactics were being used, she concurred with a letter (she concurred, she didn't SIGN it) sent by Congresswoman Jane Harman in 2003 expressing her concern to the Administration about harsh interrogation methods. Lastly, she claims that because she was so busy trying to get Dems elected, presumably to "repair" the Country from the Republicans, she was to busy to take part in many briefings.

The Hill has a report:

The Hill-Pelosi claims she was lied to about waterboarding
By Mike Soraghan and Jared Allen
Posted: 05/14/09 11:23 AM [ET]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Thursday said the CIA lied to her about waterboarding and compared it to the Bush administration handling of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

She said that in a September 2002 briefing she was specifically told waterboarding was not being used on detainees. Wasterboarding of a terrorism suspect had begun in August.

"Those briefing me gave me inaccurate and incomplete information," Pelosi told reporters.

Republicans, seeking to derail investigations into the Bush administration officials who authorized the interrogation techniques that President Obama has deemed “torture,” have sought to turn the tables on Pelosi.

They say she received briefings from intelligence officials in September 2002 on techniques used against terrorism suspects like Abu Zubaydah, who was waterboarded. CIA documents released at the request of congressional Republicans show that one of her aides was briefed specifically on waterboarding in February 2003.

Pelosi maintains that she was never told detainees were being waterboarded, even though the practice began in August 2002. She has said she concurred in a protest after the 2003 briefing, but the practice continued for at least a month afterward.

Democrats also stress that they passed legislation in the House banning torture shortly after they took control of Congress in 2007.

Republicans turned up the heat Wednesday when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R- S.C.) threatened to try to call Pelosi as a witness in the Senate investigation of the interrogation program.

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Comment by Barbara Dixon on May 16, 2009 at 10:50am
she acts drugged or drunk-she isn't good at speaking and her eyes-yikes-








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