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Stages of Pregnancy – Fetus Development in Womb

When a woman hears that she is getting a mother of child (pregnant) it is one of the happiest moments she experience. Before getting pregnant and carrying a baby in womb for nine months is not an easy task. There are various stages of pregnancywhich one has to go through in this period from early signs of pregnancy to middle and the early stage before giving birth to a baby. In these stages there are many changes which you can notice in pregnancy week by week. At the first stage it is necessary that both the men and women should be mentally and physically prepared to conceive a baby. When the women conceive the sperms of the men in her body through vagina, this sperms are later formed into eggs which means a women gets pregnant. In this stages of pregnancy the eggs takes around 12 to 14 days to fertilize or more than that. In some cases a women eggs are not fertilized when the ovum is released, but one do not have to worry it is normal to face such problem.


After few weeks a women may suffer from various symptoms of pregnancy including missed periods, tenderness and breast swollen, fatigue, early morning sickness, changes in mood and behavior, vomiting, cramps, too many rounds to restroom and many more. This symptoms are mild in the first stage but later this symptoms changes according to increase in pregnancy week by week.  In some cases a woman gets irritated on the daily activities, irritation, depression, emotional, sadness are other symptoms of pregnancy. In second trimester, that is mid of the third month of pregnancy the baby starts moving its head, feet and lips. When the uterus moves to the upward direction you may get an urge to frequent urines. In the seventh week of stages of pregnancy the movement of baby increases, it starts to blink, suck and swallow the food a mother eats.


when the pregnancy of a women increases week by week she should go for a regular check to doctors because on the twentieth week the baby has a sleeping pattern, twisting motions, kicks and many other signs. As the pregnancy week by week goes a woman may feel various movements in her womb. In stage of first three months the body and the stomach changes and comes out, as the days goes it increases more and more as per the size of the baby. In the third trimester you may never know how these nine months passed because in this stage a baby is totally developed and is ready to come out in this world. Just before the time of delivery in the stages of pregnancy a woman may suffer from labor pain, it is a sign that the baby is ready to come out. The most common symptom is severe pain, weakness, tired and shortness of breath. When the pain starts doctor check the condition of the baby and according to it delivers the baby.


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