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How Far Would You Walk For Freedom? Roger Kress, 55 years old from Guntersville, Alabama is a freedom loving man with a mission, T.E.A.M America Freedom Walk 2010. His mission is to raise awareness in the spirit of freedom and the constitution. He is approaching the Virginia border town of Bristol and on his way to Roanoke and then Washington, DC.

He is making just under 15 miles per day so it will take him a while to get to Washington DC. Which by Google Maps says should take him just over 5 days. Looks to be more like 25 days and some 370 miles before he reaches his goal.

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PJTV has video interview (email registration required).
Who would walk to Washington, D.C. – for 700 miles? Roger Kress would – all in the name of freedom and constitutional government. From today’s corruption to tomorrow’s reform, Kress shares the story of Freedom Walk 2010 with PJTV’s own Dr. Helen. Watch and comment here:

Follow Roger on his quest on Facebook T.E.A.M America: Freedom Walk 2010; including videos:

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Please spread the word or join Roger for a walk if he is passing through your area.

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