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“Thank You For Your Service”


On this day we honor all those who gave,

Of their selves, even life, our liberty to save,

They came to serve, from every walk of life,

To defend and protect us from living in strife,


Men and women of all colors, religions and creeds,

Brave and honorable souls revered for their deeds,

Today we say “Thank you for your service”, with a smile,

Knowing that each, walked for us, the proverbial extra mile,


From Lexington to York and from Pearl Harbor to Normandy,

From Vietnams jungles to Afghanistan and Iraq so sandy,

They defended our freedoms and raised our flag high,

Wherever tyrants did threaten, that we wouldn’t die.


Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, too,

Stand ready and able to defend our Country and you,

They know of the danger but they care and fear not,

For they are the best fighting force, the world has got,


Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as we all know them,

Were fought, bled and died for by those men and women,

Raise a toast to their Character, Honor, Courage and Pride,

And thank God that these Noble Patriots served on our side!


Tom Whitmore

Copyright 2010, Thomas J. Whitmore

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